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ive had about enough cant take no more

hi everyone ! hope ur all well ! wish i was ,well where do i start ,well lost my job yesterday due 2 my condition ! my wife wont support me so ive moved 2 my mums which isnt helping ive also found out that ive been mis diagnosed so i dont know what ive got ? been breaking down constantly and just want 2 curl up in a ball and die i really do ! got no friends no real family and everyone seems 2 hate me ! not suicidal yet but i know its coming ! just feel so alone ! i dont want 2 b like this and constantly wish i was someone else or just not here at all ! there just duznt seem no way out 4 me ive tryed everything i can ,at the mo i just cant face the world , im so ashamed of myself 4 being this way even though i no i dont have a choice ! why is this world so cold all i ever find is people want 2 hurt me both physicaly and mentaly , i just feel so dead inside ! is there anyone that can relate 2 what im saying ,just feel so trapped !

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So sorry to hear about problems,phone GP today and insist you get help,you need support at this time,The world is not cold,not when you see how many people on this site will support you and care about you.Help is out there and people do care,we the poem BriarRose has put on this morning.


Hi Lonestar. I am so sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Please don't feel downhearted. There is so much left in life. Often we can't see the wood for the trees when all of this negativity hangs over us. I can't imagine how you are feeling but don't let the dark cloud get the better of you. Our mind is such a strong thing, and we just have to learn how to use it to our advantage. It sounds like you have gone through a lot in a very short time, your mind and body will want to rest, sleep it off, get the rest you need. Get yourself a cup of tea (Lifes constant fix I believe!) and believe that life does not stop just because somebody else makes it feel that way. Others are not in charge of how we act and what we do. The person that told you the bad news about your job...they don't dictate your life, they don't make the world stop. That person you think you want to be...there is no reason why you can't be that person...I learnt this very slowly. I cried every day because I hated that others were doing what I wanted to do, looked confident, had smiles on their faces...the only person stopping me being like that was me. Slowly I picked up the pieces and I am now rebuilding my life. Hitting the lowest point should not be the end for us, it should be the foundations to building a new life and the new you. The person that you have always wanted to be and very much can be.

Best wishes. Smile x


Hey Lonestar just to let you know you are not alone on the way you are feeling the same thing is going on in my life.

Well you have a new friend (me i have sent you a message with my mobile number text me for a chat ) i have been feeling just like you!

And it is true you do need support at this point of time, i didn't think i did but i did,give you GP a call they will be able to help you in theses bad times.

Look after yourself.



thank u all ,thank u trip i will try alot of love goes out from me " u but im afraid that time may not heal my scars ! im on a one way ticket and i cant slow it down ive asked 4 help ,got 2 c a shrink on the 27th of this month ,my wife has all ready tried 2 have me sectioned thing is ive got 2 little girls that should b my strenghth but i just cant find it in myself nomore !! i am more than ashamed and crucifi mysef daily ! i will try ! trip i will try 2 get through this and if i do i will text u <its just i am in hell at the mo and i cant get out !


Hi lonestar

Please dont add guilt to your list ...25 years ago when I was at my worse I couldnt get better for my girls , I felt so guilty as a mum as I felt that should be the one thing I should be able to do it for , but what I forgot was I was ill ..rock bottom , like you sound , its not because you dont love them its because you need help & to get well ...which in time you will ..if you had any other illness you wouldnt give your self such a bad time , I think with this we just dont see it as it is an illness just like any other , but its one that over time we can get better , so dont give up , things will get better for you & you will get out this hell hole you feel you are in

Everyone is here to listen to you & support you , you will get through this , easier said than done , maybe you dont feel you will , but you can& you will in time , start with accepting this is how you are at the moment & then you can build on this





wise words why why,

please take heart from what has been written lonestar,

take time out for a couple of days, try to rest and make sure you eat something.

You are important and need extra support, I've called the samaritans before now and just cried while they were quiet allowing me the space to.

keep in touch with us on here.



thank u 2 all of u i know im not alone but man i certainly feel that way !


hi luv just to let you know you are not alone please go to your gp and explain how you feel you need some help i know its hard but please dont give up it will work its self right you have your life when some dont have a choice you can fight this we are all feeling the strain of anxiety keep going xx


Hi there,

I know life is pretty overwhelming just now- been there and am still doing it, but firstly give yourself some credit, you have dealt with a lot and even though you may not be exactly still standing, you are still hanging on in there and part of that is reaching out for help from us. That takes guts/determination to not let things beat you which says something about you- that you have an inner strength that has got you this far and will see you through to the other side. My ex tried to get me sectioned, was abusive because he got so frustrated with me, my illness (depression and anxiety) and my personal problems. On more than one occasion I was literally on my knees thinking I can't do this anymore, its all too much but there was something inside me, this little bit of bloody minded determination or stubbornness that refused to give up. When you feel like you're in a pit , where the sides are so steep and there isn't much to grip onto to get out of it, even if feels like you're hanging on literally by your fingernails, you are still hanging on , and you are still hanging on Lonestar. Even if it is small, it is still you wanting to get back and it is something to build on- like in the pit you find tiny ledges to help you start to get out. Sorry I use analogies a lot but hope you get what I mean. We are all here for you, you are not alone and it is not idle words. I have felt so much better since I joined this community. And cut yourself some slack- you are going/have gone through a lot but you will get through this.

Julie xx


You're certainly not alone, I had a horrible experience literally a year ago and I wish I had got to this page or something similar. I was at rock bottom and wanting to not wake up in the morning, staying in bed til the afternoon, having moved into an empty flat on my own. Had been in relationships for about 8 years. This is a community of people who've all been through it so you will find support here at all times


thanks and love u all <ur all great people xxxx


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