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i feel like im up the creek without a paddle!!!! and i cant even swim!!!!!

havent really been on the site much latley, had some days where just turning the laptop on and plugging it in has seemed like a huge task. been back to the gastro clinic the other day, its been four weeks since my upper and lower endoscopy and they say my benigne poylops are harmless and fine just left alone and all other tests come back fine which is good and i am glad about as i really worried about getting the results. he said its all down to IBS and anxiety and then discharged me to get on with it on my own! what i dont get is ive not had a bad day today, been in the sunshine cutting the grass and quite enjoyed it even though im nackard now and ive just now had stomache pains and diarrhoea, anxiety has shot up cos i feel like im gonna faint and get flashes infront of my eyes when i get like that. i just dont know what im suppost to do now? how am i suppost to progress, go out alone, and just get on with life when i keep ending up like this. im so tierd of it as it keeps dragging me down everytime i try and make some effort. im starting to think i could have certain food intolurances, not sure if ive been tested for these? i had one test done once where i had to drink an incredibably sweet drink and then blow in to a small machine every thirty mins? cant remember what that was called but it came back clear anyway. im left feeling sick now with a sore stomach and on edge. how can they say this is normal!!!!!!!!!!! anyone in a similar situation?

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Hi Sam,

Ouch, that does seem alot to deal with all at once.

Did the doc give you anything for the IBS, I was given peppermint oil tabs, and they do help a bit.

Food allergies, I've been through that too, worried sick, which don't help, I tried cutting out dairy first, it helped, and after one month very gradually started back on it.

I cut my auntie's grass, it was so long I had to cut it twice on successive days, last one today. and my backs killing me :-) I'm walking round like a pregnant chicken. :-)

Does sound like some therapy help or just talking with a friend is in order, we can't do it alone sometimes, even if we have too.

We all need some help once in a while.

Have a sit down and eat something, that should help with the faints a bit, and try and relax your shoulders, I know its hard...............god do I know.

Wish you well




thanks B, i didnt realise how unfit i was untill i cut the grass but really enjoyed getting out there only to end the day in a bad way. my backs killing me too:) im gonna be stiff as a poker in the morning. i find it so hard to relax my shoulders which is probably why i have such a stiff neck and jaw. hope you have had a good day and am pleased with your work. xxxxxxxxx


Hi Sam,

Thats the same for me too, unfit suddenly due to high blood pressure, I'm puffing and blowing, I think it was the raking the cut grass that done my back, weak mid section now.

I was walking round yesterday all bow legged hand on back, my wife laughing :-)

We both need a massage and a nice warm bath. I might get the bath, when my daughter stops shouting trying to get ready for her night out :-) somehow its my fault she's late :-) must be true though as she said it.

I get the old jaw and neck too, I find its because I'm rushing trying to get it done and that stresses me. I guess a bit of mindful gardening is in order, but I do forget it sometimes.

Hope you feel better later




Hi Sam

I keep saying this today , but I was only thinking about you & wondering where you were , so even though its not been good , I am glad to see your post

Good news about the results , but I to no what IBS is like

Anxiety is difficult enough & even though it makes you feel ill , when you also have health problems that are not always related to anxiety , it does make life harder & anxiety levels

I no IBS , is often related to stress , but I also no people that suffer that don't suffer with stress , that's why I see it as an extra health issue

Can you go back & see GP , if they can suggest anything

Sorry without looking , I don't want to loose this & I may if I move of it , are you getting any counselling ?

Good for you , though , even though you felt like crap , you have tried the best YOU can & been out cutting the garden

I wish I could say more to make you feel better , I have seen you make progress though & I no there will be more to come , as you are not a quitter & you have us here to help you along





Was watching This Morning the other day , there is a test you can send of for , its a bit expensive , but tests you for a lot of food intolerance 's they were saying , if you can afford it , was worth it , as GP'S wont normally test you for as many



Just another idea is that of pacing, used in pain management, so that if you over-do or under-do things you will feel it. The mind is the same, it has its optimal level for activity (including physical) and you will suffer if you go above or below that. It's hard to learn because you need to find your own baseline, still do activities on days you don't want to, while taking sufficient rest periods so as not to go into the red zone of over activity, where the pain lies or the crash!


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