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Something different!

Ok I know this isnt the right sight to ask these questions but , anyway if anyone has any advice , then kindly help me!

I saw a girl she is in my school and classmate . I dont know why , when I looked at her first time it made an eye contact and thus from then I had been falling for her so hard . I know that I should not fall so badly and in trying my best to avoid to the point it makes me anxious that if im hurting her .

Why do I fall for someone so hard and easily?

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Hi Illboy, You do, we all do because everyone needs to feel loved..... Attraction helps with our self esteem, our good feelings. Why would you think you might be hurting her? Physical attraction is a powerful emotion with high anxiety levels. Once you would get to talk with her and see that she is human just like you, your anxiety may go down and you will have found a new friend in her.

You fall for someone so hard and easily because your emotions are raw at this age. Everyone wants to be a part of that inner circle in school. It's a self esteem issue. Take it one step at a time in getting to know her. A smile might be a good start, if she smiles back, she might be open to you saying "hi". There is nothing abnormal in a young boy falling hard for someone.

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Im afraid that one day I would have to leave and we both have to start separate journies and im trying my best to not make it very a relationship that might hurt


Illboy, Life is about the different paths we all take in our journeys. We meet people, we make memories. We can't be afraid of the future. We only have the present moment. We can't protect ourselves so much that it interferes with living each day.

You are young and there will be many relationships. Don't be lonely because you may be afraid to take a chance.

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It will take very long for me to recover from the grief of separation which im avoiding!


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I read your posts. You are too young to worry and stress about separation. You gotta live in the now. Have fun, live otherwise you will loose out on so many good and special moments. If you like the girl go for it. Talk to her invite her for a smoothie or something. Live each day of your life like its your last. Because when you are older your going to kick yourself for not taking the chance.


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