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When I thought I was finally winning the battle of anxiety, she came back stronger than ever


Hi, it's ben a while since I post something here. In the past months I was finally starting feeling like myself again, I was worrying so much less about my health, and even was controlling my fears regarding the pandemia pretty good. But las month I found out I need surgery to remove a benign mass in my breast and all my anxiety and fear came back stronger than ever. And to add up, I requested my old medical records from a procedure I had in 2016 for a rutinary endoscopy I had to give all my information to my new physician and I realized that my last gastro found an extrensic pressure in my gastric body and recommended a follow up in her report but she never told me anything, I have this huge feeling she drop the ball there and I added more anxiety to the plate. I called her and asked her if this was a thing I should address since it was never mentioned to me and she said I shouldn't worried, which I'm more worried now that she answer way too fast for a 4 year old case. Im very self aware that I'm all over the place, im also terrified of tomorrow's surgery even though I know is a simple procedure, but I can't help to think the worst and my mind is racing so fast that Its debilitating. I need to go back where I was a few months ago, and I dont found ways to get there, I feel so helpless 😪😪

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Hi, I will be hoping all goes well for you🤞. Do you have any techniques for calming such as meditation, controlled breathing etc that you might have used before to use again? It would be good to download some relaxing/favourite music into your phone to pass the time while waiting for the procedure. Chamomile tea works to calm me too. 🐨

I pray that all goes well with your surgery. Do you have any friends or family that can be with you before you go into surgery and when you come out? Try to breath deeply and think about how much your family and friends love you. If you do pray, then commit yourself to God and ask for His protection over you. You can also see if the dr will let you use lavender spray which will also give a calming affect. Praying that everything goes well for you.

I do have a beautiful family that would love to come in, but due to covid hospitals are not letting anyone to be in premises but the patients, and I believe this freaks me out the most


So my surgery went well, and Ive been feeling fine due to many anti anxiety medications they gave me lol. Im still feeling a little down and sad but im guessing it is all part of the recovery process. Thank you for your prayers, someone indeed was looking over me

I am so glad that you are doing better. Take one day at a time and thank God for peace through this.

Hello, I am so happy all went well with ur surgery. Isn't it amazing how u think ur over something & then it comes back with a vengeance? I hate that!!! 😔😡

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