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afraid of going back to how i was

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im afriad im slipping into old habits and old mindsets. after i got out of inpatient i was so sure i was going to be so much better and it would be a new beginning but now that ive been out for a little over a week i feel like im getting back into old mindsets. im finding it hard to do much. i feel like this is my oppurtunity to get better and its just not happening.

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Healing is a slow, bumpy process.

I too have concerns like that.

Try to be gentle with yourself as you ride the waves of highs & lows.

thank you! someone actually just told me recently that healing isnt a straight line which ive been trying to remember :)

Hello amandagray,

You are an overcomer and can do it again. You wear able to get to a point when you felt better. Don’t let your mind and fear hold you back. You have got all it takes to do it again. Even if you have to literally drag yourself to overcome how you are feeling then you have to do just that. I know it may not be easy since you had a support system and reinforcement when you were inpatient. It’s just a slight change but I believe they prepared you to be on your own and still survive. Its more of your mind set and feeling. List the things you are struggling to do now and let also look at ways you can overcome those weakness. Just take one at a time. Keep hope alive. Remember you were able to get to a point you felt good so you can do it again. Keep hope alive. You can listen to these amazing inspirational stories about persevering when you can.


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thank you!!

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you are welcome

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