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I have no purpose in my life...what am I suppose to do?


Another day of pain. I wake up and go about my day with the same old routine; eat, sleep, play a game, repeat. I feel like a hamster trapped in a cage with just a few toys to keep me distracted at the least, but I feel it's not living. I'm depressed and frustrated because I have no hobby that makes me smile or interest to keep me busy. I feel I'm wasting my time doing nothing. Please, if anyone knows, how can I find a purpose to live? To die for?

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I know the feeling and I know it too well. Sadly only you can find the answers you're looking for. You have to keep trying new things and eventually you'll find it, that thing that gives you purpose. Have you tried volunteering before? Helping people could give you purpose.

AmOUSe3 in reply to Square251

You're right... I'll keep looking. It's really hard with covid going on and I can't afford much for new hobbies. So, I'm struggling hard.

Square251 in reply to AmOUSe3

I know it's hard but don't give up. There are still things you can try at home. Painting, playing an instrument, things like that. You said you play games, what kind?

I’m looking for my purpose in life as well. I feel like it’s taking forever. I can’t keep a job for more than 2 years.

AmOUSe3 in reply to willowtree02

I guess it takes time..

It sounds silly, but what helps me is pets. I know I have someone to feed and care for, and that the rely on me so I have to be around. I literally just ordered a leopard gecko for that reason lol I needed a purpose to get through the days

AmOUSe3 in reply to laurenlynn

It's a good idea, but being depressed and all I struggle to take care of myself. lol. Taking care of yourself feels like a full time job.

AmOUSe3 in reply to laurenlynn

It's not silly though. I learned pets can be good therapy animals. :)

We are on same boat... pls help us ???

I just was told by a nice person that it’s their purpose that keeps them motivated and thought to myself I don’t really know what me purpose is. I am happy to get through the day but feel pretty much like I am just wasting time. If you find it please tell me how you came to find it I will continue to try and look for mine if I find it I will tell you.


It's up to you to find your purpose. Let me start by asking what you do now to occupy your time? What are your "toys"?

I'm not sure this will help you, but I need to say, coming from a person with depression and anxiety after losing my only daughter, that the one thing I learned about my worth, is everything I do now. I say this because at my worst emotional state I wanted to leave this world. I stopped because of everyone else in my life. You may not like your job, but others depend on you and that makes you important. You may think your life is mundane and repetitive, but everything you do is important to someone. If you play games, then don't view it as all you have because you can't start new hobbies, but view it as a success getting to the next level or if its online,as branching out to meet new people in different walks of life. Everyday that I wake up, hear the birds, do the mundane I do, I remember that's a blessing and something some people no longer have and it makes me see my mundane life is worth something to someone, or I would no longer be here. It's hard to view things this way with depression, but you need to focus on what you do everyday, not as boring or not worthy, but as a blessing and worth something to someone. Hobbies come and go, but who you are and how you help others is your worth. I get very lonely and frustrated as well, but my worth comes from the fact that I made it another day. I fought and struggled, but woke up hearing the birds, seeing the trees and being alive. You have to hang on to that. Focus more on the life around you, birds, trees, the sun and rain...those are positive energies that can keep you balanced and are there for you always! I know this is long, and I'm sorry for that, but do hope you read it and it does help you at least a little bit. Huggs!

SadMommy in reply to LostFairy

That was beautiful. Take care

I know how you feel, All I’m doing is Eating everything and anything. I shouldn’t be doing that because I’m diabetic. I haven’t been feeling good, I have a appointment Wednesday to get my Glucose checked. My anxiety is going through the roof. My daughters going back to work at a gym. So now I’m afraid of catching the virus from her? This isn’t good for my diabetes. A counselor calls me about once a week, I really need to speak to him. Just last Monday there were hundreds of protesters outside my home Yelling. I was worried they were going to start Rioting. Have you checked into counseling? Just took my sleeping medication. 🙏


Feeling like you have no purpose in life is truly a miserable feeling. I share those same feelings. I also don’t have any interests or hobbies. I do have 2 dogs and want to get another one. They are totally dependent on you to take care of them and on good days I throw ball with them and take them on walks which also makes me feel better.

If you’re not overwhelmed with depression and anxiety maybe you could find something that interests you in the way of volunteering. It helps to get out of our own heads sometimes and help someone else, be it people or animals. But I’ve been so deep in depression at times that I couldn’t even think about volunteering and have felt like I was living in a self inflicted prison. So if that is also how you feel then volunteering might seem overwhelming at this time.

If you like dogs I feel like that is about the only advice I can offer and they also give back in the way of companionship. But you have to be able to take care of them even on your bad days. They are totally dependent on you to care for them. You wouldn’t want to get one and then neglect him. But if you rescue one from the pound he might rescue you in return.

Ugh! You’re not alone! I feel exactly the same. I’m a very creative person and haven’t done anything that truly gives me a sense of satisfaction. I wish I could help

Hi!!! I honestly feel the same way! I try to keep it quiet because I’m told I’m bored or ungrateful.

I’m sad that the good days are gone! My kids are grown , I do have grandkids. I feel there’s nothing to look forward too. But I won’t go on and on lol. I have 2 little dogs that are my life! They need me. Right now everything is crazy. But I volunteer for cats and go to the gym! I have a little part time job. Honest to God walking for 30 mins. Helps!!! I actually work out in my basement and lost 15lbs. Maybe when covid is over or better you can volunteer. We need to get out of ourselves. You think I’d be happy I have a happy, healthy family. But I feel useless.. no purpose and it seems like groundhogs day! 😩. I completely understand! I try to think of my friend who died last June and would love to just be alive. Best wishes and hang in there! You will find something!! Message me if you’d like! ❤️

SadMommy in reply to Spooky99

I totally understand!!! Take Care

Dear Am, we all have a purpose in life, though most of us have no clue as to what it is. It could for some, be to change the world in some way, in others it could be to change themselves, or it could be as simple as changing someone's life. Maybe you were somewhere where you were supposed to be , to just be there. You could have already served your purpose. Never think you don't have purpose because you really do❤

I'm so sorry for your pain. Isolation is very hard on people. Is there a way for you to reach out to others (as you did here!) and see if there is something you can offer them? Do they need help with something? Do they need listening to? Sometimes in showing interest in others and trying to help them meet their own needs, I find that I will feel better myself for expending energy that way. For example, even a phone call or writing a letter or making a "date" to chat on the phone. Does someone need cheering up or a reminder that you appreciate them? Do you have a chance to laugh? Maybe a humorous book or TV show or movie would help you to get your mind in another place. Find something to add to your daily routine or something to subtract. Walking and getting some physical exercise. Tackling home tasks. These are a few ideas--but in the end, your own ideas will be what satisfy you. Also, please don't be so hard on yourself--when you are depressed, these bland, blah feelings about life are part of the illness. Maybe talking with your MD or a therapist would be of help. Best wishes to you. I'll say a prayer, too.

Have you ever volunteered? Maybe helping front line workers might help you find a purpose of what you want to do or at least maybe find what you are interested in.

What about getting involved in a meetup or church? You have to get involved if you want to make friends. Make your life interesting, and you would have a better life. Things are opening up again, so find what you like to do, do something new that you've always wanted to do or had interest in, it doesn't matter if you suck, just do it for fun, for you. Also, volunteering is needed very much and will find you friends and purpose. Take care of yourself, take a good multi vitamin and move. <3

Hey, what would you like to do? Life is pretty much that, whether we work or not, whatever we do it is just in repeat unless we can have an abundance of mo ey and can afford to buy things everyday and travel this is life unfortunately. I have felt like you do since I was a child, what's the point, what is the meaning to all this, why bother and then just die, forgotten. I think in some way many feel the same. I get up, eat, sleep, play games and go in the garden, that's me too but it is what it is, there is nothing else so I make the most of it all. I have taken a run down garden and built it into something great, it takes about 3 to 5 hours of my time each day, every morning, weather permitting, then a shower, lunch, watch a film or go on ps, then tea and TV or more ps, then bed, everyday, the same thing over and over, but it's all I have at the moment, nothing else, so I make the most of it, it's escape, especially the ps. So the same question again, what do you want to do? Think about it, does there have to be a purpose? Can it just be this for a while? Can you find something else to do? What would make life better? I know that this is just what it is for now, it may change, it may not. I hope you find a way and feel a bit better soon, but you are not alone in how you feel.


Do you take antidepressants or anxiety meds?

I don't know what's led you to your depression but I can well imagine how frustrating it is to not know what your purpose is. But honestly, many of us don't know what our purpose is. I didn't for many years - I was caught up in the rat race of career making, partying and even several hobbies but it all still made me feel so lost and lonely. Until I found my faith in God. My faith gives me hope, peace and purpose. And most importantly, I know things on this earth come and go, bit what lasts for eternity is what matters. I live to share God's love with people, God's love as displayed through Jesus Christ. Jesus taught us the way to live and it is so good to know that God doesn't expect things from us but because He loves us, He wants our best. And this love, comfort and freedom I can pass on to others. Just through my daily life - is there someone I can help, is there some elderly person who is lonely who I can visit, is there someone struggling with anxiety as I did many times so I can just be by her side and listen? Simple things but it might mean a world to someone else.

Besides, hobbies and learning new things can keep your mind distracted. Is there anything you like doing or were good doing as a child? Learning a new language, instrument, fitness classes, new cuisines - there are many online classes for everything these days!! I wish you the best

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