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another bad day

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Hi all, I wish I had positive things to say on here for something different but I don't. I'm having another anxiety ridden day. It seems to be getting worse again. It must be because I have nothing to do with my days, but it seems like if I do have something to do I get anxiety also. I feel like I'm going crazy with all of this. I just can't believe where I am with my life. I'm totally disabled right now. I can't function in life. My med dr is out on maternity leave until May so I have to wait just over a month before any kind of med changes. I do see my therapist today and I do see him every week, but I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. I'm scared the depression will take hold again and make me have bad thoughts. interaction from all of you is desperatly needed. I am always checking to see if anyone has responded. I have nothing else to do and you are my lifeline right now. thanks for listening.

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Yes - being alone with little to do while moving through anxiety is painful. I've been doing it for more than a year. I just have to keep reaching out to friends and taking lots of walks. At one point I was taking so many walks I called myself Forrest Gump. It is better now, though. I'm wondering if there isn't another way to get your medications reviewed?

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I don't think there is without seeing my dr in office.

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If you haven't already, maybe call their office and let them know you're in need?

Hi Purl1! I'm here if you need to talk! What's got you so anxious today? And I agree with JAYnLA that you should call the doctors office and let them know you need to talk to a doctor about your medication NOW... not wait till May. If your doctor is on maternity leave they must have someone covering for her patients while she's away for so long.

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hi, I did call just waiting for them to call me back. They must be able to do something.

It's awful being alone with anxiety. What kind of disability do you have?

I attend some free groups when I get a chance @ support groupscentral. com , Do you enjoy puzzles or online games?

Hi, I just suffer from anxiety and some depression. The anxiety is the worst. Can't sit in my own skin. I play a lot of online games on pogo. are the groups online?

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Yes online. some people show their face, others just talk. I'm not on any anxiety meds and just thinking of certain things will put me in panic/froze mood. Being in bed comforts me.

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I wish I could stay in bed more. I won't be able to sleep at night though. I fall asleep fine but have a hard time staying asleep.

I know you feel terrible, Coral. I know what it’s like to be all alone without enough to do.

Hi, purl1 wish you to get well. You are feeling awful now, and from that place you can't see that things can get better.

When i feel bad it is like everything is shut down, no sun, only hevy clouds. And when in that state i allways feel like change is impossible and things only can get worse, no matter how many times i have been through that, and got out of that. Experience tells me that things allwyas changed and got better, than worse, than better ... and so on. Everything changes. We all go up and down. And through time, there will be less ans less these awful times, and more good ones, because you are active about illness you have, going to therapy... Hope this helps.

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