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bad day

not having a good day today. a lot of worry, stress and anxiety on my mind. again, it comes out of the blue. i'm trying hard to not think about it or dwell on it but it's just an overwhelming feeling that i can not control. can't even get up from the sofa without thinking i'm going to pass out because i feel so uneasy and off balance once i'm on my feet. so in fear, i run right back to the sofa to lay down. it's almost like my mind is at ease if i'm laying down not moving. this is too much to deal with sometimes. i feel like i'm losing my mind. sorry for pouring my emotions out but it helps sometimes to talk about it, or even write it and let it off my chest.

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That's where I'm at exactly. It's so hard. I spent a couple days in the psych ward over just knowing that something is wrong and they're telling me all the tests are normal. I feel pressure in my head and ears and get so cloudy headed. I hope it gets better for you.

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thank you. and i'm sorry to hear that you're going through the same. it's so hard to deal with. hope you feel better!

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Justsomedude87, they say your tests are normal, accept this, they went to medical school for 5 years, how long did you go to medical school. Exactly.

You can never cure yourself of an illness you don't have no matter how hard you try. Your symptoms are not those of physical illness, they are symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety is very good at mimicing the symptoms of real organic illnees: the pressure in your ears and head and the cloudiness too are all the results of an over sensitive nervous system brought on by worry, overwork, toxic relationships, the negative things in life.

You are inflicting fear on your nervous system on a regular basis. But there is nothing to fear, the fear is produced by your over active imagination and nothing else. Master the fear by accepting that your symptoms are no more than nervous blips and you too will recover your quiet mind.

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Hey Justsomedude87... I also had major pressure in my head and ears... went to many specialists only to be told that "its all in your head" and to see a counselor. Just want to let you know that after three years of complete hell, I was finally diagnosed with Lupus which had been attacking my immune system and central nervous system. My brain was very much inflammed and caused a lot of cognitive dysfunction and memory loss. Once I got on the proper medications (antiinflammatory and plaquenil) my cognition and memory started to get better and the pressure in my head and ears and eyes started to lessen. You know yourself more than anybody and what is physically normal for you vs. what is not... yes, it could be stress and anxiety but on the other hand... the physical symptoms can cause stress and anxiety as well. Hoping you get some real answers so that you can live a quality of life.

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Me, too. It's very hard to get through each day.

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Yes it certainly is. Are you feeling any better at all?

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Not really, no. I'm just dealing with it the best I can.

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Are you in the care of any doctors besides counselor type? Medical doctors?

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No, I quit seeing a doctor to try and save my mental health. It's hard. It really is. When I go to the doctor, I get overwhelmed trying to talk about it.

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doctors do that to me as well. i always get myself worked up and overwhelmed when going. i'm a nervous wreck, always thinking the worst. and i know this about myself, yet i still let the anxiety control me. so hard.

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That's as honest as I can be.

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I totally understand... I was afraid of my doctors for the longest time because I felt powerless to "what they thought of me" because they dismissed me as having just a "mental problem". My doctors tune changed real quick when he realized how sick I truly was. Anyone would feel that way mentally when their issues are not getting taken care of. Its so sad what people have to deal with. Hoping that you are feeling at least a little bit better. It IS a daily struggle to feel hopeful but it is worth it!

Mimiooch, things are not as bad as you think, anxiety has its limitations. You will not lose your mind, no way does anxiety have the power to do that. I'm presuming your doctor has in fact diagnosed your symptoms as anxiety.

Anxiety can make us light-headed and feel off balance, it is a common symptom. But you will not fall, just take it easy one step at a time. The strength of a muscle depends on the confidence with which it is used. Remember this.

You say you are trying hard not to think about it. Why? Your recovery comes by facing your anxiety and passing through it. Do not run away from it or seek to hide. You do not have to fight it, fighting only causes more tension and strain. Recovery comes by accepting all your symptoms and bad feelings for the moment. Accept them and agree to co-exist with them for the time being. They can do you no permanant harm.

You see, you've been flooding your nervous system with fear hormones every five minutes: this has made your nerves over sensitive. That sensitisation is what is causing all your symptoms. If only you can calm the fear then you give your nerves a chance to recover. It takes time but when your nervous system is pacified you will regain your quiet mind.

So practice accepting your symptoms for the moment, do not shrink from them, and just...carry on as normal. Simple as that. As acceptance replaces fear the natural healing begins and the days of your anxiety are numbered.

Learn to live with your anxiety and you'll be able to live without it.

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thank you jeff. i truly appreciate all you have said. you make a lot of sense and you made me think about how i handle things and now i can look at things differently. it really does help to get other people's advice and opinions. it can be an eye opener. so thankful for this site and for everyone that comments. thank you for taking the time to write to me. i really do appreciate every word. thanks again!

Hey girl! I am so sorry that you are dealing with the anxiety and weakness that you are. I am hoping that you are feeling better as I see that you wrote this three days ago. One thing that I would suggest is to make sure that you are getting quality food that feed your body and brain... that helps some. Like one of the commentators suggested, to feel your fear but not do your fear. Have you been checked out for any physical illnesses that could be causing you to feel this way at all. I unfortunately had an underlying illness causing havoc on my body which in turned affected my mental well being.. its always good to did a little deeper if you have not already.

I completely understand you. Just logged back on tonight because I’m feeling the same and like to just read through posts and replies sometimes to help me calm down. It’s overwhelming sometimes. I’ve been reading this book someone on here recommended to me and it has been helping: “hope and help for your nerves” by dr. Claire weekes. Check it out and see if it helps you! Hope you start feeling better soon.

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that book is amazing. so glad i bought it. it helped so much! thanks to people on here that told me about it. i'm so grateful.

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