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So , been with my boyfriend for almost four years .

It’s been rough but we love each other .

About six months ago someone said he was seen " talking " to a girl that happens to be an ex of his .

I asked him about it and he said he had done nothing wrong . I worried about it a while and I still do . I’m asking myself questions like ... what did they actually say to each other ? What was his attitude like around her ? Did she flirt with him ? How long did they talk for ? Did they d’histoire talk ?

( baring in mind I know this girl and have done for a while , she is known to be a bi*ch . )

I asked him about it the other day we had a huge argument, he just didn’t understand why I was bringing this up 6 months after .

Im imagining the worst , my mind is going crazy .

I hate her

Please help

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Did they just talk ****

I don’t think you should be worrying about this 6 months later. I would try to rationally talk with your partner about your feelings & explain it to him. Don’t accuse him of anything though, that’s a quick way to make a man defensive. I agree with the person above that only you can get passed this. If you want to move forward in your relationship, you have to trust your partner & let this go. Stay strong. Xoxoxoxo

Sorry this is happening to you. I hate obsessive thoughts that keep haunting me. But I have to ask you, would he lie to you? And if she did flirt with him why would that matter? If he’s a faithful guy then it’s more about you, but if you think he may be unfaithful you have every right to advocate for yourself. There will always be a flirt around to test you or your partner. It’s good that you both talk to have an understanding when it effects your relationship. But if you hate her, that’s a problem. Hating her will never grow you or your partnership into something better. Don’t let her take your mind from you!

Keep your head up ❤️

I know where your coming from. Unless you have proof of infidelity you can't act like he's doing anything. It will end up becoming a self fufilling prophecy... You acting out on it will actually push him towards her. I know it's hard...

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Its not that I don’t trust him . And there was loads of people I know there ( it was a party ) .

News travels fast so I would know if there was something like a kiss or whatever . But it’s just that it means he gave her attention , even if it’s just saying hello .. I am quite a jealous person , maybe to someone else this wouldn’t mean anything .

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You gotta reael it in, gotta coax him away from her and putting him in a conflicting situation won't give you the result you want.

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I mean , they hardly see each other , it was a one off , but I just say to myself If i was there they would have never spoke so it’s wrong ?

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Can't change the past my dear, gotta keep looking ahead and steer your relationship. My situation is much worse than yours. A lot of heart ache, pm me if you want the details.

Stop, stop, stop, unless you have a sound reason do not accuse him. It is wrong and may damage your relationship. Stop, stop, stop

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