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Ways to stay motivated after panic attacks?

Hello, I'm new here and I decided to join because I need to talk to people who understand what I'm going through without having to worry the ones I love. About 2 months ago, I had two panic attacks (one happening 2 weeks after the other). I have found it hard to stay motivated every day since then. I struggle to find a reason to wake up and try something new or get back on my feet. Normally I would talk to my loved ones about this but I feel this is a safer space with more of a chance to get concrete answers.

(To give a bit of context, I live on a college campus away from my family and boyfriend and close friends so it makes it hard for me to talk to them about my problems. I know it worries them, and the distance is awful. I haven't seen them since September, a week after my last panic attack. Adding on to this, the counseling services at my college is terrible as there is a long waitlist and the closest appointment isn't for another 2 weeks)

Any and all tips are welcome. The idea of having Anxiety/Depression is very new for me and I don't feel comfortable sharing with people I'm not close to.

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Welcome! I am glad you are here and decided to share. Is this your first year away at school? It sounds like some of your anxiety may be situational, from being away from your support system. I think you should probably get yourself on the wait list for counseling and just try it out. It may help to be able to talk through some of your worries.


It's actually my last year. I kind of gave up every club I was involved in because I over committed myself to them (I took on too many leadership roles and responsibilities). My good friends are so busy that I barely see them. And I used to have roommates but my on campus job provides me with a single room so all of the support I used to have on campus is gone.

I did put myself on the wait list. I just hope its helpful. Thanks for responding.


I'm sorry, I know what it is like to feel like friends are too busy to see you. Its really hard and something I am struggling with, too. I have also quit things before and I usually feel conflicted about it (relieved the pressure is gone, but missing the human connection). I don't have any advice other than keep trying, and go to therapy. That's what I'm doing.


What times of symptoms do you get ?


I barely eat or drink. I don't really shower, and walking outside is a exhausting and demanding effort. I'm not sure how to get over this. And it always happens every week, but only for a couple of days. Other days, I'm a little happier.


I can relate with walking. Sometimes I feel so heavy when I walk. I’m pretty average built but it just feels like gravity pushes me down and I can breathe. Right now I’m feeling tigling sensations and number all over my body and it’s driving me insane. Especially my left leg down to my foot but I think it’s just my never cause i suffer from chronic pain.


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