Just tired of my anxiety and panic attacks

I have been suffering from anxiety for the pass several years and lately its just been getting worse.I have been having panic attacks more frequently now and I am just tired of it,I'm constantly worrying,I am in fear that at any moment I will have a panic attack, I get scared at night a lot,I constantly put my hand over my heart cause I am so afraid.I try to talk to my friends but they don't understand and they make me feel like I am losing my mind and going crazy,I just wish I could talk to someone that understands and won't make feel like I am losing it,its been so hard.

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  • Hi Teshia, I need to ask how old you are, are you seeing a Doctor, and are you on any medications? You are not losing it . In my experience panic attacks are exhausting and frightening. You are constantly monitoring yourself and afraid you are dying. You are not dying. If panic attacks could kill you I would have been dead years ago. They really don't do any thing to you except send adrenalin through your body which causes so many different symptoms and leaves you feeling like a wet noodle . You might try counseling , that and some medication helped me to face the fear and once you do that it loses it's hold on you.People who have never had a pa have no idea how hard it is to live with this, but you have been doing it for awhile so you must be a strong person. A line I made up to tell myself when ever I had an attack 'Hello anxiety, my old friend, here you are to torture me again'. It helps and I tell it to every one who has pa. You can talk to me whenever you like, I usually check in a few times every day. Feel better, Pam

  • I am 30,I use to be on medication but when I lost my job I lost my insurance so it made it hard to stay on the medication and see my doctor,who i can say i loved and trusted so much because she took the time to understand me and what i was going through.But now I have a new job they don't offer health insurance so I have been trying to get my own,but I was on Celexa and hydroxyzine which actually worked but I also tried buspirone which worked but I just hated the way it made me feel. But I haven't tried counseling yet and I really want to.Thank you for your words and kindness i really needed it and it just puts me more at ease knowing I'm not alone and there are people out there that understand .

  • This insurance situation makes me so mad. People can't get what they need and the drug companies get richer, It's the same In the States. You can private message me any time you feel the need to talk. Pam

  • Hi Teshia, you need to see the doctor and take the medications. I'm truly sorry because I do not know the insurance situation in your place. I'm seeing the doctor and taking my medication supply from a government hospital and sometime I dropping by to see the doctor at the private hospital. The consultation and medications can helps you. Best regards.

  • U are in a panic cycle. When u are not having one u worry about when u will which only increases the likelihood of another attack. So the cycle continues until there is something that stops it. I have been doing this for 20 years. The only thing that stops the cycle for me is my medication. It is hard to find people who true my understand what you are dealing with since they have never been there. Right now I am going through withdrawal because I am stopping one medication. I actually have my sister that I can talk to about withdrawal because she is a former drug user. U will eventually feel better. Try to see if a local counseling center has support groups to help u contact others who may be in the same situation. Just try to smile.

  • Sorry for the late response but I am currently looking for a group in my area so I hope I find one.

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