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Anxiety/panic attacks


I hate when I'm just having a normal day then out of nowhere boom 💥 a panic attack comes. I've been having them for a few years now but it's like each time I have one it gets scarier and scarier and it makes me wonder if it's more than just a panic attack...

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It is a living hell - this happens to me a lot as well. I joined this forum in hopes to settle the anxiety a bit. Knowing others have this helps for some reason. Keep on posting for support.

I had one out of the blue the other day and I was on the verge of ringing an ambulance as I was convinced it was a heart attack

They do get scarier each time especially if you don't have them that frequent as you forget what they feel like

EdenFoxe86 in reply to Murphy134

I have actually called 911 before, lol. Or, rather, had someone call for me. This was before my diagnosis, so I really didn't know what was going on yet. They had to assure me over and over again that no, I had not forgotten how to breathe, and no, I was not dying. Thinking back on it, I feel like I was being silly. But at the same time, the physical symptoms can be terrifying!

Right??? I had one a few months back during this amazing all-day date that my s.o. had planned. I don't want to say that it ruined the whole day, but it definitely cast a shadow over everything. I was still crying about it to my therapist days later.

The good news is panic attacks can't hurt you! Have you been officially diagnosed? If not, go see your doctor. Anxiety disorders are scary, and a lot of the time the worst part is the fear of the next one. When you get right down to it, that is just being afraid of being afraid!

Yes I have gad bipolar ptsd and borderline personality disorder I don't get full blown panicking attacks like I used to but suffer everyday anxiety

I only got out of phsych unit on Monday I am on valium but got a full blown panicking attack the other day out of the blue and it scared me

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