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New Job & Panic Attacks


Due to my severe anxiety and constant panic attacks I’ve finally felt confident enough to start working again! I stopped back in November because the holiday season would literally leave me feeling faint and like I was going to vomit. I loved my job but i was not in the point in my recovery to handle the holiday season in any way, shape, or form. As a customer nor as a worker. I couldn’t handle it.

I start my new job tomorrow and at first I wasn’t too nervous but now i am waking up in the middle of the night panicking and I feel terrified now that I have my schedule and I’m working a lot more hours and much longer days than I ever had at any other job, plus the pressure of training and hoping I’m good enough to stay. I really want this and I want to be good but I feel like I can’t if I can’t stop panicking. I feel like I can’t even enjoy today because I am so worried about tomorrow and I hate that. Today was supposed to be a nice girls day out and so far I feel hot flashes and am having stomach issues. My attack symptoms have been coming back after a few months of not worrying about them too much. I’m scared I may have to quit my job again before I’ve even tried my first day to be sure.

The anticipation of not knowing what to expect or if I can properly serve customers without them getting upset or upsetting my managers is killing me, plus stress at home between my parents going at it. It’s going to be hard for me standing for long periods of time also, but I really want this job and I really need the money right now.

Anyone have any tips for a new job and anxiety or preventing panic attacks? Any positive affirmations would be appreciated.

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Breathe slowly! Take your new job 1 minute at a time..instead of looking at the whole picture, that would be over whelming!!! I wish for you the best!!! XXX

StereotypicalPisces in reply to Hidden

Thank you ❤️

Your putting such pressure on yourself. Read your post again. All I hear is I’m supposed to, I shouldn’t, what if, I may,I can’t. To top it off I already have symptoms. We have to work through all of this inner chatter. The thing is we have to work, without it we cannot survive. Working will help you feel better about yourself, it’s likely you will accomplished and you may be able to reward yourself with something nice that you can enjoy. Yes you will have anxiety, you might even have some panic, it’s a new job. Your going to get training, you won’t be on your own trying to learn what is expected of you. Positive affirmations come when you can focus on how you will succeed and not how you might fail. Your going to be anxious, that’s ok, when it comes redirect your attention towards your training. Ask many questions, when you don’t understand ask for advice. Use this forum if you find yourself questioning your abilities when your on break. Every hour give yourself praise for doing this, look in the mirror when your washing your hands in the restroom and thank god for this new job and this opportunity, and praise yourself for the courage this takes. Work on building yourself up. You may find glimpses contentment. Cherish those moments..

Thank you so much, I will definitely be back if I need it

I am only 2 weeks ahead of you and I am doing ok. Each day gets better you can do it!!! If you need some support we are here for you😊😊

Thank you !!

Make a list of the positives working can have

Imagine yourself doing a great job serving a customer

Don't try to be perfect just give it your best excited for u

Go to potentials unlimited online, down load relaxation session. Lifes easier when you relax.

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