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Tomorrow’s the big day!

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I am having an endoscopy early in the afternoon tomorrow to hopefully get more answers about by my acid reflux is so bad and see if there is anything to be concerned about and they’re going to take a biopsy while I am knocked out. Needless to say my anxiety is only getting worse as the procedure gets closer and I’m scared of the results and how I’m going to feel once I wake up. I’m glad I’m doing this because i would rather know if I had anything serious being untreated. But now I’ve developed a fear of eating and it’s even hard for me to brush my teeth a lot of days because of the acid at my throat or nausea/bloating. I just hope my anxiety doesn’t consume me again like it did last year and make me quit my job and be home bound again. I hadn’t had panic attacks since just before I was diagnosed with acid reflux and it’s only gotten worse that nexium and Prevacid haven’t worked much for me. I feel devastated and honestly hate my body sometimes because if it isn’t one illness it’s another. I’ve just been feeling useless and hopeless lately.

I don’t know how I’m going to cope with the anticipation before my appointment.

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Good luck with endoscopy!If it's any help I've been where you are now and felt the same as you but honestly it's not as bad as you imagine and it's over very quickly so just tell yourself that you'll put up with it for60seconds and start mentally countinting!It sounds so silly but it worked for me and I was terrified!factoid luvkxx

Thank you so much. I can’t wait until it is over.

You will wake up just fine, like nothing was even done. I promise you. I have had several. I was told my throat may be a little sore but it wasn't. As for your results, that I can't predict. Nausea and acid reflux really stinks. At least they will get a better idea of what's going on. Let them know you are nervous right away and they may give you a little something to calm you. Let us know how you make out.

I will definitely update, thanks for sharing your experience (:

I noted one's body reacts to the psychological pain one suffers. I rash out and have acid re-flux. For me, the rashes seem to be worse, not only from heat, but when I am upset and anxious. Yesterday, my husband showed up to scare me with how would the kids and I make it when I was such a loser. Rash. It looks horrible.

I felt deep, burning resentment and bitter anger throughout my life. flux for me.

I had it so bad it burnt my esophagus. I had tried everything, drugs, cutting coffee, nothing worked. I had so many accidents and bizarre illnesses. I even cut off my middle finger by falling and catching on a taunt rubber band!

If it is not purely physical, maybe it is your bodies way of displaying symptoms you may be trying to suppress and ignore.

Take care...I wish you very well!

I’ve considered that as well. Either way I’m definitely going to continue to get mental and physical help. But it’s nice to see someone who’s gone through what I am so I don’t feel so alone

Don't be concerned you'll be fine, I had upper and lower endoscopy and my diagnosis was I have IBS I just deal with the stomach pain with it comes which I don't get that often anymore, I drink a lot of water and going to the bathroom regularly helps me to get rid of the waste. My acid reflux had gotten better I stop taking Prevacid that I took for years and Nexium also, any just for you FYI a friend of mine sips on filtered water with apple cider vinegar with th mother in it, she uses the brand name Bragg and it helps her, she tried prescription meds and it just made her sick, I know that apple cider vinegar is acidic but it works for some people with acid reflux, the procedure is not bad at all and prep no problem, you will be just fine.

My procedure is in just a 3 hours and this is good for me to hear. Thank you!!

By the way I was given low dose of valium to relax me, but I was awake during the procedure. Relax and just breathe 😊

Since they’re aware of my anxiety they said I would be given something to calm me so that makes me feel better. But just knowing that I’m being knocked out even though it’s a short procedure scares me but I know it’ll be over before I know it

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