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Acid reflux, nausea & anxiety.

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The past few weeks of my life have been hell. After months of my anxiety getting better and needing less and less medication I recently got diagnosed with acid reflux and it seems my anxiety has increased almost back to where I want to lock myself in the house and quit my job again. I’m scared to eat anything and no matter if I eat or not my day is filled with constant nausea to the point where it’s so difficult to get through 8 hour shifts on my feet and I hate being in the break room with other people. I just wish I could hide away. I’m at the store at the moment but I can’t even go inside because I fear that I’m going to vomit everywhere. It’s taken over my life again and words can’t describe how devastated I am that I can’t do anything or go anywhere without paralyzing fear. I even had a panic attack while driving. Sometimes I get tired of constantly fighting and just want to give up. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I just needed to vent. The acid reflux has made me incredibly gassy and nauseous and I was prescribed nexium 2 times for the first two days then 1 a day from there but it didn’t seem to help. Sometimes I can still feel the acid come up my throat and I’m constantly burping and have this constant feeling of fullness. I’m going back to the doctor today but I’m scared I won’t be able to even sit in the waiting room. My anxiety has gotten so much worse since my last appointment. Im so overwhelmed with life in general. I’m upset that I let myself get this bad and I’m really starting to hate myself. I lost the drive that I just started to have again to get my life back on track and work and eventually go back to school but maybe I was moving too fast. My therapist is booked for weeks and I feel so limited in life and my options to get better. I feel hopeless.

I can barely eat, brush my teeth, drink water or even take my pills without feeling nauseous and anxiety to heighten everything to feel even worse.

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It certainly sounds like you have something going on, is this from stopping your medication do you think....have you had a full physical work up? I have nausea often...and drink ginger ale....

By the way...I don't know if you noticed you posted the same post a number of times...

I had no clue, I guess every time I went to edit it a new post was created. Deleted the extras

it happens....just check the posting listings and delete your extra ones, no biggie, we have all done the way...what was your anwer about getting off your you think that's why your having problems? happens when coming off some meds. did your doctor say anything about it...

My psychiatrist was glad for me to gradually wean off of medication but my primary care physician says some people just need to stay on it longer. I’ve been getting some conflicting answers from different specialists

what medication are you coming off of....

Xanax, I never did find an antidepressant that made me feel alright. And also blood pressure meds (metoprolol)

ohhhhh....yeah....makes sense now....since benzo's are get some nasty side effects coming off of them....didin't your doctor tell you about this...and what SSRI's have you tried and for how long....they take a while to get the right one and the right dossage....I take a low dose of an SSRI.

Trust me I’ve gotten the talk about how they are addictive. I’ve tried remaron, lexapro, and Zoloft. All for about a month each.

Oh man....that's ruff that none of those worked....I'm on lexapro...and no judgement, been on pain meds before, and had a rough time when I was coming off them, many here have to take xanax..addictive or's the only thing that stops a panic attack...and until something better can take its place you do what you have to do.

Exactly, I agree with that. It sucks but right now until I find what works for me I have to do what I have to do to make sure I can work and get things done around the house and run errands.

I hear ya.....hope something comes along that will work for you ....ginger kidding.... I get severe nausea with my migraines...nothing worked.... tried every medication for it I could.... ginger is a long time cure and it actually worked. You just never know when sometimes the simplest answer works.

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Also been on Xanax for awhile and got a decrease recently, but that was difficult. Want another decrease but I think it's harder with a extended release ...can't split. Anyone relate to Extended release?

I am sorry you are going through this pain. I was diagnosed with GERD years ago, that with anxiety... it's horrible since they both play off on another. Have they told you things you can do to help, besides meds? Bananas help, easing off caffeine, spicy & acidic foods, not eating 2 hours before bedtime. A wedge pillow is helpful for me, easily found on Amazon. Try to destress... I know easier said then done.... breathing exercises really do help. Increase exercising in general helps too.... even if it's a long walk, it'll help you focus on other things.

Try talking to one of your doctors, tell them you aren't getting relief. I take Pantoprazole 40mg which helps me. When my GERD got bad a month ago I was told I should take Gaviscon, which is over the counter (a bit pricey)... maybe ask your doctor if it'll be helpful for you...

Thank you so much this really helps a lot. My doctor told me to change my diet but you are correct. GERD and anxiety play off each other so much and sometimes it’s hard to differentiate one from the other. I’ll definitely look into the tips you’ve given me.

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