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A big shout out to Agora1

I would just like to give a big shout out to Agora1. When I was suffering from health anxiety not long ago she was one of the first to respond to my posts and assure me some of my weird feelings were anxiety related most likely. When I get time I try to read new posts and help a few people if I feel like I can.

When reading new posts it seems I always come across Agora1 giving wise and timely advice to others suffering from anxiety.

So I just wanted to say thank you Agora1 for helping me and all the others this site is lucky to have you.

I know there are others too and I'm sorry I've missed you I don't have time to read and follow everyone but thank you the same. ✌️🥰🤗

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☺️ she’s amazing 🙏 just like you 😊

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Thank you Hiba you're amazing as well end uplifting! 🤗🌞🥰😃

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Your welcome ☺️🙏

Yes Agora is brilliant and a great asset to all of us.

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You're a cool cat Mr Hyper cat. Please excuse the pun but I see your name a lot when reading and helping others too. Thank you thank you!!!

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Thank you Timepass. Actually I'm a girl cat! 😁😁

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So sorry I don't know why I thought you were a male. I stand corrected my lady. 🤗

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😁😁 I was definitely female last time I looked Timepass.... 🤣

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👍 My bad won't happen again! ✌️

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That's all right. I don't care what anyone calls me as long as they do! :)

Agreed!!! She is consistently kind and supportive. 😀🌈👍🏼😍

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Another one who agrees with you, Timepass. ☺️ What a lovely post, cheerful and thoughtful!

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Thank you Snowdaze I see you helping many on this site too. As Hiba says much love and support!

Very thoughtful post Hidden

I always look forward to Agora's posts and replies. She is timely, witty and can see wisdom where others cannot.

And I like your moniker/avatar/nome de plume.

Very Claire Weekes, who happens to be a favorite of mine.


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Yeah she takes a lot of time out of her days to reply in Long thought out helpful posts. And I can't say enough about Dr Claire Weekes books that showed me the way out of anxiety. Bless her soul and may she rest in peace.

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Claire Weekes newbie here, Pugglesworth. Best book ever, and I am only half way through.

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Yep: she was quite ahead of her time.

There are recordings of her on Audible and at some libraries if you're interested.

Yes, she too was the first to welcome me to this community. She is a very nice person ☺️

wow i totally agree with you on that.for the past few weeks ive been thinking of dedicating a post to agora looks like you beat me on it, she is truly gifted and responds with such compassion and common sense and its impossible not to feel comforted by her words of wisdom.

thank you timepass for this post.

the only person in my life that comforted me was my grandmother and even though shes been gone 20 yrs. i still think of her and what advice she would have for me.

i put my grandmother high up on a pedastal and agora is right there beside her.

yes shout out to agora indeed!!!!

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Agora1 in reply to Jamie2018

:) xx I am honored to be on that pedestal next to your grandmother.

Thanks Jamie x

You're so right there. I haven't been on here long. But she's a very kind, thoughful and compassionate lady. Always encouraging and helping others xxx☺☺

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CatsamazeADAA Volunteer in reply to Rizo1

I’ll just pile on and agree with everyone about Agora :)

Agora1 is a huge asset to this forum, her compassion and knowledge have helped untold numbers to get their life back!

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Agora1 in reply to Jeff1943

This has always been a team support Jeff, you and BeeVee being the leaders.

I knew I was in good company when I met you two on this site. :)

Agora is amazing! She gives such comforting advice. She treats everyone in a kindly, respectful manner. As others have said, she really is an asset.

Thank you so much for your kind words Timepass. I just came on, gave myself

a day off. Couldn't last the whole day lol As I was scrolling through messages

lo and behold there is my name.

That was very nice of you, I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. I do want you to know

the reason I am so passionate in helping others struggling with anxiety and it's fears

is because I had no one when this was happening to me. I went through each and every

symptom you all have had on this forum.

My fear was overwhelming. I would never want anyone of you to go through this alone.

I'm happy to hear that my responses have helped in some small way in not allowing others

to get stuck in the cycle of fear begets fear. I've been there. And so have all the others

on this amazing site.

One person can not support us alone. It takes a group of caring people to share the responsibility in reaching out to those in their most dire moments.

Thanks again Timepass. I feel very humbled. :) xx

Oh you're so welcome you're so deserving of all the praise. I remember when even my eyes were hurting along with all the other tingling and weird sensations and you would ease my mind. Hard to believe I'm back to normal so soon but you were a big help and so helpful to so many others with your thoughtful posts. 🌞🤗👍🥰

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