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Lost everything I cared about


Just within the last year, I lost my dad, which triggered my anxiety and depression. After that, a “friend” started to steal everything away that I cared about- she turned my best friend away from me and sabotaged my relationship with my boyfriend, which made me super uncomfortable. I confronted her and my boyfriend about it and she said that she didn’t like him and he said there’s nothing to worry about. 6 months later, and now they’re dating. She purposefully did things to make me mad, she made fun of me and my family, and overall took away most things I cared about. The last part happened really recently and I’m still trying to find a way to get over it, but I can’t. She also physically hurts my best friend just because she’s friends with me. I really want to tell my ex, who I'm (for some odd reason) still in touch with, that he's in trouble. He's very clueless so he doesn't know that she's physically and mentally abusing people. I can't do that without sounding like I'm intruding.

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I’m so sorry you are having to deal with so much hurt. You will find love, peace, and happiness again. People can be heartless jerks. It’s one of those life experiences you wish you didn’t have to endure, but end up better off and stronger because of it. Stay true to yourself. Love yourself. Try to find things that comfort you while you heal and surround yourself with those who know and love you.

Thank you, I feel like I have become stronger because of it, even though it has not been long as all. I know I am a better person because of everything that has happened.

it sounds like this person either wishes they were you and is doing everything to be you, or has a very unhealthy fixation with you for what ever their reasons, is sick and scary. I would be sure and tell someone in your family if your close to them about this, as there are some so sick out there, they could cause you problems if they are physical with one of your friends.

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Thank you, my family has been super supportive throughout this experience and I couldn't have done it without them. I was talking with my mom and sister and we decided that she was really jealous of all I had, but she didn't know that my life was a struggle as well.

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when this kind of fixation attachment borders criminal stalking and abuse...it's really good to keep tabs of your surroundings...another thing I would suggest is, keep a record of emails, texts, conversations, time and dates of what this person says and is doing to directly harm or implicate you....it's no joke when someone goes to this extent ....just be safe

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