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Need relief from depression

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I am once again in the depths of depression once again. A lot has happened in the last 3 months; laid off, moved from Texas to San Diego to be near family, had to sell my house in TX that I loved a lot, had emergency gall Bladder with 48 hours of min to SD. My meds quit working after the surgery and now my psych and I are trying to find a med that will work. Today is my third day on lexapro however I’m crying all the time and feel hopeless. I thought connecting with others that are going through this would help me to on not feel alone.

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Hi there. It’s seems to me that you have had a lot on your plate. I am sorry you had a surgery and hope your feeling better :). As far as Lexapro, are you feeling worse taking it? It takes up to 2 months for an antidepressant to fully work but you may want to call your doctor about your symptoms. Hang in there!!

Thank you for your concern. I feel the same but it’s only been 3 days since I started to take it. I want what most of us that are struggling with this want, free of this pain and emotional torture. Thank you for your encouragement.

You may feel hopeless and sad but remember, we are all here and going through the same. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out even just to talk. :)

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Thank you so very much. I appreciate the support.

Well- welcome, and it sounds like you are quite overwhelmed. How has your family been since you moved?

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My family has been very supportive and loving. I’m fortunate to have unemployment for the next year. I just feel miserable most days. I also ended a relationship during this time as well. That has been very difficult because I love this man dearly. I pray I will get relief soon. Thank you for caring about me.

Hope you are okay!

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Thank you for your concern. I am having to take it moment by momentarily.

Some medicines make the symptoms worse in the beginning before they start working. If they become to unmanageable call your doctor.

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Thank you for pointing that out. I’ve already texted my psychiatrist and told him how I’m feeling. Sometimes I feel like a defective person.

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Not anymore defective than the rest of us.


I’m sorry to hear that you have so much on your plate but will you read everything on your list? After everything your still here talking and trying! Realize how much inner strength and drive you have! Everyone has a flaw or defect as you put it but it’s all what makes us stronger. It’s hard to see it now but god willing you shall......

Always a listening ear

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