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So there's a guy, and he's awesome. He's really good with all my stuff, but I'm taking so many meds and he doesn't know. I feel like this is something I need to share, but not now. I know that at some point it'll have to come up and it freaks me out to think that he would freak out if he knew that every morning, in order for me to be well, I take 8 pills, 5 of those being psychiatric meds.

Any suggestions? I mean I just want to start thinking about how to approach it in the future.

450 mg of Wellbutrin (3 pills) & 20 mg of Lexapro (2 pills) PLUS PCOS meds (2 pills) and birth control (1 pill)

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Is he aware of your mental health? If so, I would just mention it to him as he would be very understanding about it.

I’m currently in the same situation where I have finally started talking to someone but haven’t mentioned my mental health as I’m scared it’ll scare him away. I think it’s best to bring it up slowly.


I'd say give it some time, get to know and like and trust each other, there is a right time to get into all the intimate details, and you will know it. And if this person is accepting you for who you are....well then....that's also part of who you are.


Hi there i understand your reluctance to tell him incase it scares him away but youve got to be open and honest with him think how how you would feel if things where the other way around you might find hes very understanding and accepts you as you are he might be a lot more accepting of your illness. Than you think ! Good luck david

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