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Just Joined, Yesterday marks my 2 year struggle with severe anxiety / depression. During this time I have:

* Been seen by numerous therapists

* Been seen by countless psychiatrists

* Tried every medication known to man

* Gone through ECT therapy

and have been hospitalized three times.

I was on my way to recovery, but feel like I have suffered a set-back. Thought I would try this to find other people in the same boat and find hope

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Hope you find some help here. Many of use are struggling. What are your triggers im particularly anxious about work life money in general covers alot of bases. Thinking of moving which fills me with dread also.


Trying to figure that out. Seems like a stressful work event started this whole nightmare off. Since then its been a lot of little things that wouldn't normally cause me any grief. Its like I have been stuck in this cycle of anxiety then depression, then short break, then over again


I am dealing with similar issues. I've been depressed was awhile. I usually medicate with alcohol. It seems normal due to the fact most of my friends drink on a daily basis disguise as happy hour. I am the only one who seems to be having a problem with it. This creates a problem in and of itself. I tried several medications with no real help. I started meditating and reading spiritual literature, listening to you tube videos of inspiring messages. I move furniture in my home all the time. I move furniture at least once or twice a week. I listen to music. I stick feel sort of stuck in a dead end job.

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I am so sorry you feel this way and have not been able to find any help so far. It interests me ( and I speak about myself too) that it is possible to feel so depressed/anxious and still look so normal and fine. What was the work episode that you think initiated this round of difficulties?


If you are referring to my picture, that was taken on New Years eve, I had (I am am sorry to say this) a few beers in me. It was to alleviate the anxiety. I actually felt somewhat "normal". The work event was a Huge project that started. I work in Information Technology. I am pretty good at putting on a "happy" face around co-workers and family, but am tore up on the insides.


I can relate.


Having a few beers is FINE; you don't have to be sorry. I think a lot of people do put on a "happy face." There really isn't much choice - one can't realistically run around sobbing.


Hello Irish, You hide it well, I always did too. No one but my husband knew what I was going through. I am just going to give you my thoughts on some of your commits . '

Therapy takes time and can be quite distressing because you are digging around in things that can cause you more anxiety. You keep picking that scab off so to speak. You need to keep at it though.

Set backs are normal, but so depressing. It seems you get them just as you're

feeling better.

I encourage you to keep trying. Practice facing the fear. It won't hurt you and you will feel more in control.

There you are, such a nice looking man in the prime of your life. Don't let this take away any more than it already has. No booze says Dr. Pam


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