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I am posting here because I have nowhere else to go. Depression and anxiety have been intense. I am also suicidal today.

I am married with 2 kids. The problem is, I want to be with women. Last weekend I went out with a female friend and we hooked up. Met a couple of times since. I know it is new and exciting but being with her was more than amazing. I can not describe it. Somehow, my husband didn’t care! It was strange.

Problem is, I think I might be gay, and since I don’t want to leave him, my heart is broken. I have many suicidal and self harm urges because of it.

Of course, I will discuss it in therapy. Just trying to find reasons to keep going. Many thanks!

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Thanks for sharing, you’ve come to the right place. You have my support. Hang in there. 🤝👐🏽

You are loved by many!! You’re in the right place. Prayers/good vibes/hugs coming your way! May you find some comfort in knowing that.

You might be bi, and about the S word just remember you have 2 kids who will be heart broken forever, as a daughter i can't imagine life without my mom

You are right. I fight for my sweet babies. Thanks.

Perhaps you are bisexual. Or perhaps you are gay. Have you reached out to an organization to support you? I know there are many out there. This is not the end of the world, but perhaps a beginning of exploring who you are. I commend you for reaching out.

Jvicks in reply to AZ1970

Thanks. I have not found help yet, but I will soon.


sounds like you are in a turning point in your life you will figure it out as you go. your kids need you and not a reason to end it all hope you manage to get some help and support dont be afraid

I understand where you are coming from. Keep fighting for you kids sometimes that’s the only thing that keeps me holding it together. By no means have I got this figured out, but we have to support each other. Please get some help.

Sorry you are going through something similar. My kids do keep me going too!

You are an amazing person who was put on this earth for a purpose!! Don’t ever forget that ❤️ If nothing else you’re a mom and that’s a good enough reason to continue fighting the good fight. Wish you the best luv!

Jvicks in reply to CaramelGal

Thank you for the kind words.

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