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Long story short I was with my ex for four years. Now I have a new boyfriend. My ex and I didn't end on good terms. One day, my ex randomly calls me as I'm with my boyfriend trying to be all friendly which was weird. Emmy boyfriend got mad and stuff but only because if it was my boyfriend's ex calling. I would flip shit.

So lately my ex has been texting just having conversations... NOTE: that I'm constantly talking about my boyfriend To my ex. My ex owes my mom thousands of dollars and personally that's the only reason why I talk to my ex is for my mom and her money. But the other day I asked my ex if he was going to give my mom money and he said if you send me nudes... and I simply said " no I wouldn't like it if my boyfriend did that" and left it at that. My ex changed the subject and continue talk, and I have always mentioned my boyfriend to my ex..... I didn't send pictures I never said I missed him. Nothing

Am I wrong?

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  • No he is totally wrong to ask for nudes. Never send these to anyone there is a law regarding this I would need to check. He is blackmailing you. I am wondering if the police should be involved. Have you told your Mum?

  • I don't exactly REMEMBER if he said "if you send me nudes" but along those lines he was like send me nudes I'm bored. I could be very wrong I don't think I said " r u gonna send me money?" And I don't think his answer was "If you send me nudes" but I don't remember cause I was working.

  • Regardless he is out of order ok. He is bored?! Pfft, why doesn't he go and play football or something then?! Disgusting.

  • Exactly... smh I'm not exactly sure what to tell my boyfriend so he doesn't think I'm provoking him.

  • No you are right, sounds like he is being pretty sneaky asking for nudes in exchange for paying the money back.

    Maybe you could let your current boyfriend sit with you next time your ex texts you, let your boyfriend see what your ex is actually up to.

  • Ok thank you. I have anxiety and need to tell my boyfriend but unsure how to tell him. I'm scared he is going to break up with me and I'm not comfortable hiding things from him.

  • Why would he break up with you for being honest with him.

  • Who knows... maybe he wouldn't. He's very understanding.

  • Only you can decide to tell him or not.

  • I am going to tell him I'm just not sure what to say.

  • Just show him the texts maybe?

  • He wants to mess things up for you and your boyfriend it sounds like. Nudes? He will plaster them everywhere. He could do anything with them. It would ruin your life. Never ever put nudes on any phone. I mean don't even send them to your current boyfriend. Remember he's only contacted you since you've got a new boyfriend. Be wise. Don't be fooled

  • AHHH.... thank you

  • Stupid me I deleted them.

  • I don't know then. Wait for another text then show it to him.

  • I am sorry for what you are going through. I believe after my experiences that "EX" means ex. Even though he owes your mom money, I really believe she will not see any money and that problem is between ex and mom. As far as ex, just end it all. Stop communicating with him...where is it getting you? If your new boyfriend knows nothing of what is happening, if you really feel like telling him, I would wait until you end everything with ex and if he doesn't leave you alone I would tell police. You never know what he is thinking and could be dangerous. Your ex needs to learn that all is over and only you can make that happen. Sometimes in a new relationship the past is the past and they don't have to know all of it. He will find out if you keep talking to ex. Save the texts if he keeps it up as you could use them as evidence if things turn sour. I do pray for your safety and hope you can end this once and for all. I had a similar situation and never got the money back and he started stalking me, following me, running me off the road. I had to get protection order and moved in with my parents. He kept patrolling my street and had to have security guard take me from parking lot to my job! It kept going on and I knew he had a gun and had threatened me. My parents sold their house and we moved in the middle of the night which my lawyer said was okay and after that I still looked over my shoulder and was in fear for many years. You never know what your ex is thinking and is not moving on. I feel the sooner you cut all ties the better. Good luck and may God be with you.


  • Wow..... ok thank you so much so sorry you had to deal with that. No one deserves to live in fear. I will take your advice thank you so much!

  • I completely agree with you! All communication with the ex should stop. Life will be less dramatic and the new boyfriend will feel more secure in the relationship.

  • pjmmtr01

    I am so glad for your reply and that you are going to end everything. No one can anticipate what another person can do. He sounds like he will keep going if nothing is done and I fear for you and your family. May God cover you with protection and hope all ends well for you. You deserve happiness with new boyfriend without all the trouble that your ex is capable of and I'm sorry for your mom. If he was going to pay her back, he would have done something by now. Loss of money, cutting him off is better and safer for all of you. I wish you luck and happiness for all of you.

    Take care and sending you hugs for a good decision. Stay strong and we are all with are worth it!


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