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My Ex Boyfriend


I had a boyfriend and we broke up and he blocked me on everything. I went to his house and we talked and then recently I went back to his house and we talked again. After we talked I went backed and knocked on the door and rang the doorbell and then his dad showed up and said something like what are you doing here and I said I just want to talk to him and he said well he doesn't want to talk to you so you need to leave and I said I'm sorry and he said and don't come back. I want to go back just to tell him that I am done but I know I shouldn't but I can't get the thought out of my head. I know I sound crazy but what should I do.

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It is so very hard to not want to get some answers or acknowledgement from your ex-, but you have tried and tried. This person has made their mind up, and we just have no control over that, we cannot change anyone. Only you can change, what can you do that gets you busy, occupied, gets you putting your thought and energy into to give your heart a break. As much as we want things to be a certain way, sometimes they just can't be. It's hard to accept. I would say it's a good time to get into some therapy to work on this, any kind of counselling available to you. I left you another message on the other thread as well...hang on will get better...hard to believe now...I know

Good point. Anyone who needs a personal "Samari Warrior" is not yet a man. You will be better, but you are hurt and maybe a bit angry now. Let go and give your heart some time to heal. xx

You did your possible to end it in a peaceful way but you could not.So even if its difficult you need to close that door and give you time to heal.

Hi I know how hard this is, I went thru stuff like this with men years ago until i really processed my abandonment issues. Did you experience abandonment from parents? i ask this, because, after he blocked you from everything, you weren't able to let go. You still went to his house, and a healthy woman would not have. I also obsessed about it when a man broke off with me- and could not let go even after he blocked me, etc. I also went to his house a couple times till he called the cops. I pray you don't let it get to that point and that you are able to distract yourself with friends and fun things as you work on healing from the heartache.

I know it's been a long time. I hope your soul is now healed.

As an idea if you have something to say to someone and you can not or should not do it .. there would be the solution that probably deserves to write in a letter all you have to say all the truth that is in your mind and in your soul just as he is ... write in the letter everything you feel and what you think, being absolutely sincere with you, no matter what you want to write and give his name to be on the top of the paper.

after you've written it all up and you put the letter on the table or in a safe place, go for 3 to 5 minutes in another room and come back smile the letter a rup in hundreds of pieces and drop it to the basket garbage or just as well you can throw the letter in the fire.

The effect is that you say all you have to say, cool yourself, but if you say something totally unpleasant nobody suffers like this!

That's what you can do every time you feel the need to say something but can not or does not fall.

The idea is that you look like you can do and that you have what it does for you in various situations!

And yes it is possible or not if you have trauma of abandonment to happen to you until you cure them and you understand that you do not have to depend on anyone even to be loved. But the same can happen if the boy has a family in the case of abandonment and does what he has seen in the family.

The point is to find the way not to take it personally.

What you do about yourself that you can control.

What others do is their job they can control.

Only the man that is destined for you lives in your life. You just have to experience before, to enjoy life, to have a lifetime experience to know when the chosen person appears how to make a beautiful life together!

We need to say what we have to say one way or the other!

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