Tough family situation

My husband is from VT and I am from Brazil. We are in the process of moving to the US. My husband, my son and my youngest daughter are in the US and me and my oldest daughter are holding back in Brazil due to my job. I'm waiting for my retirement and that won't be until 3 years from now. The problem is with my daughter. She is living with my in-laws, my husband is on the road the whole week and I'm in Brazil. Since Jan/2017 she is experiencing anxiety and I am trying to find help here. I am really desperate. Our family was always very structured and I know my daughter misses our family all together and also me around. Please... I need help. I need to help her.

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  • Hi, would y'all be able to video chat?

  • We do... every night. I'm in fact on skype with my husband right now.

  • Oh ok. How old is she?

  • She just turned 16. She is in Brazil now for her summer vacation but as the date for her return to the US approaches, she is getting worse. Today she had 2 anxiety episodes in the afternoon. She even cancelled a gather with her friends today.

  • I have anxiety also and what has helped me is telling my mind to stop when I start worrying or overthinking. I understand that she is upset that y'all can't be together but it is best to accept what can't be changed. Things will get better over time.

  • Thank you for your reply. She is with a counselor and we're working on it, but she has many ups and downs. I'll talk to her about your reply. Thanks!!

  • You're welcome.

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