Anxiety, fear of flying

Hi everyone

I don't know if anyone would read this message but I'v been dealing with a lot anxiety. For some reason this issue gets worst when it comes to the time of travel. I have flown before and I did postponed my trip for the related issue but eventually I flown to my designated destination. This time I did the same thing. I'm just sick of doing this case by postponing the trip nothing would changed. Actually my trip is on Thursday and i was wondering if I could get some advise from someone. Someone who I can share my thoughts and get some relief. Need to mention I do know all these negative thoughts are just hoax but I just can't get rid of them. My mind automatically reset it when it comes the time of travel. This issue has ruin my goal of studying in a broad and taking the test back in October. Honestly I feel embarrassed to talk about it with friends and family. I do really want to travel now, and I know I can overcome this issue. I just need some help please. Thanks

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  • Is it fear of flying or fear of something else? I couldn't tell from your post. Do you have something you can take with you that reminds you of safety? Think of a kid dragging their blanket or stuffed animal around. Is there something you can put in your bag and carry with you (photo, music, book...) that will remind you that all is okay? It would be great if it is small enough to put in your pocket that you can squeeze, look at it without drawing attention.

    Have you tried making a list of why you are anxious and a list of reasons that might have led to you being anxious in the first place (turbulence, claustrophobic, long flight). It sounds like you know it isn't rational but anxiety isn't always a rational response.

  • Thank you so much for reading my post. Well, i can't exactly say what it is. It could be turbulence or maybe the long flight. Interesting part is I've done my research and I know turbulence are safe and they causing no harm to the air craft. I remember last time when I was heading back from Europe, plane hit some mild turbulences but I wasn't that frightened. You know, I'm guessing it's post traumatic disorder. I usually listen to music and if I can I do puzzle! but I don't know what is pulling me back from traveling. I just want to snap and stop thinking about it and be more excited about my trip.

  • perhaps it is being in a small or big plane with many others and all things that can go wrong that are giving you anxiety

    I deep breath helps a lot and reminding yourself it will all be ok I have horrible anxiety when I leave my house and drive around is very hard for me and being in public I feel like everyone is watching me. so I understand your fear of flying

  • Exactly, I do have the same feeling when I'm in public. Feels like everyone is looking at me. I get mad at my self for doing this to myself I just can't keep postponing my trip because of this. I'm not solving the issue, I'm just escaping from it I guess.

  • We just need to realize they don't see them is and could careless about us. But I know how difficult it can be. Be happy and take your trip

  • I didn't fly for 18 years found a friend who happened to be a psychologist she got on the plane with me gave me an ipad and earphones turned on a movie as loud as it could go and I did it. I have since flown 3 times.

  • What a great idea

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