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Fear of flying?

Has anyone had to face flying despite their phobia of it, what did you do? My husband has this fear due to an incident when he flew one time. I love to travel and that was my escape from reality. A vacation. Visiting other states ,countries, etc now I am stuck. 7 years and I have not been anywhere but nearby from where I live. I have spoken to him that next year my oldest will be graduating college and she wants us all to go to Hawaii. I am going with or without him, he has been looking at videos, any suggestions?

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Yes....I have heard of hypnotherapy for fear of flying....of course theirs Xanax...but if he could maybe try a few sessions with a therapist trained in hypnotherapy he may be able to get to the root of his fear and learn to work through it. I loved to travel too....definitely hope you get some solutions.


Yes me too, because this was part of who I travel , I grew up a military child therefore it's already instilled in me. I need a vacation, it as been too long.


my stepfather took us to live in Japan when we were all very little, then from there, my mother divorced and the 2 of the boys stayed with him and I moved around a lot, gave me the bug as an adult to like to explore and o on road trips. Maybe when the world quiets down a bit, I do a bit more exploring .


Take tranquilizers. My son had this problem. He has to fly for his work and it was devastating. He finally took one ativan at the start of a flight to the west coast and was fine. He continued to take one for every flight thereafter for a few months and the fear just disappeared. Now he is fine.

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That's what I suggested to him as well. And I will be with him along the way so I could help him focus. Thank you for your response and glad your son overcame this fear.


Thank you appreciate that!


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