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For those of you that have been reading my other posts and commenting, here's an update for ya. My therapy appt finally came around and I told the therapist all ab what I have mentioned on here. She is upping my dosage on my Prozac, and I'm being forced to go to more appointments now since I planned to kill myself again. She's worried ab me now so she wants to see me more. I was just informed that since my therapist won't be working some of the days I'm there, I'll be set up w another in the meantime. I'm honestly very worried ab that. Have any of you been in this situation? I honestly don't want to talk to another therapist bc I feel uncomfortable doing so, but am I just making it sound worse in my mind than it actually is?

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I'm glad that you're finally in therapy. I understand your trepidation about seeing another therapist. But, try to remind yourself that that person is there to help you and will probably be just as pleasant as your other therapist.

With anxiety and depression we tend to jump to the worse case scenario instead of focusing on what might actually happen. Try to tell yourself that this person will be just as nice and comforting as your other therapist and take it as it comes.


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