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Feeling depressed

Hi iam 31 years old i have 4 kids wich are now preteens i am married ive been having the feeling for a couple years now i feel like im emty inside wich is crazy cause i have this amazing family and im always in a bad mood my self esteem i think is worst than ever ive always had lowself esteem but its got to the point where i feel i cant do nothing right everything turns out bad like my cooking nothing looks right everytime i look in the mirro i feel disgusting i feel like im not good enough for my husband that im never gonna be a great mother like other moms i dont know how to help myself im always worried about what others think i feel worthless lost right now i hope that being in this group can really help me deal with my self

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Whew.....take a deep breath. You have a lot going on with you right now. A husband and 4 preteens and you're in your 30s?

That is a lot of responsibility and you are putting yourself down.

There is no reason you have to be Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker to be a good woman and mother. When was the last time you had your hair done? Think maybe you need a little time for yourself, yes?

Did you realize you wrote that whole message to us without a single period, comma, etc. Your fingers couldn't keep up with your mind when you wrote that. lol

There seems always to be someone awake in the world reading the posts sent to this venue. How does that old Carole King/James Taylor song go ........"Just call out (our) name, and wherever you're at, (we're) coming....."

So write as often and whenever you need or want to. Someone is here.


Hi Searching👋🏽,

Have you tried to find a therapist? Coming on here will definitely help we can all relate and connect about our battles with depression and anxiety! You are not alone😊


🤔 Honestly, i think what you need is a therapist. You probably have some issues you keep tucking away in there that keeps building and building.

Please find a good therapist and for the sake of your family, open up, be honest and let all those fears, and secrets out with your therapist in dealing with them.


I'm just saying hi for now and sorry you feel like this

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Hidden, yea you sound like you are depressed. Which is a treatable medical illness. I have been depressed, I know the feelings. In that state everything looks negative. You feel like you can't do anything right. You need to go find a Dr. and see if he wants to put you on meds. I am on them and they DO help. Also try to find a therapist to talk to. I have been with mine for 8 years and he knows me well. Don't be frightened if you never did this. It's what you need for your mood. I am not an expert telling you what to do. I am just one of many in the world who has had depression and anxiety. And I am older than you and had experience with treatments etc. God bless and take it easy.LD


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