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Does anyone have any tips for improving their self worth (not 'ego') without it being overwhelming?


Does anyone have any tips for improving their self worth (not 'ego')? I feel very low alot lately. I think Ive spiralled downwards. I think Ive let memories of painful things get to me and I need help. Im struggling to look after myself lately. I was doing so well before but Im struggling now. Maybe Im feeling overwhelmed by the thought of getting back to what I was doing before where I was so busy alot. Maybe I need to just gradually build up again.

Im really honest that I have a life long battle with self worth and sometimes I fail. I dont want to fail and I feel pathetic at times that I struggle so much, but at least Im honest though. I think its good not to pretend Im doing ok when Im not ok because then I can get help instead of ignoring there being a problem. Its hard to be honest in what I say but I see it as a strength even if others think Im pathetic for my struggles (Ive had that reaction from people who criticize and its not helpful). At least this way Im not ignoring my problem and I give others who have wise advice a chance to share it. Any suggestions from people will be really appreciated.

Im thinking I maybe would benefit from getting exercising again. Ive lost so much momentum and Im really lacking confidence. I feel really self conscious and ugly and jaded with not caring for myself much lately. Ive been oversleeping and eating bad quick to eat food and struggled to work again. And also my home is messy and I still have lots of work to do on my place. Its a little overwhelmng thinking of it.

P.s. Ive just downloaded some information on self worth from the internet so I will read that. I think I need all the help I can get.

Oh and if anyone wants to give me any 'direct' advice then thats ok too. I can usually work out if advice is good or not. Its my problem if its no good. Afterall, I have invited your honest opinion ✌️

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Self worth is a tough one, I've struggled with that too. Everyone's got their own personal path to it, but I can share a couple of things that have worked for me. 1) Practice. Literally, just practice everyday looking in the mirror and saying nice things about yourself, giving yourself hugs. It helps flip the negativity switch. 2) Forgive yourself. Life is really hard, you are doing the best you can. 3) Don't overwhelm yourself with needing to improve everything at one, choose one thing to do tomorrow that is healthy (take a short walk, for example) and when you complete it, give yourself a cheer and leave the rest for another day. One day at a time.

Really great suggestions I’m gonna try these myself!! Thank you for sharing!!🌻☺️

Cuddly-bear, You Tube has some powerful Affirmations that can help

propel you into going forward with self confidence and self esteem.

Ignore any criticisms from others, change needs to be made for you

and you alone.

I would suggest starting with your house. One small thing a day could bring

you some joy of accomplishment. I cleaned out my linen closet the other day

and each time I open the door, it brings my heart joy to see all the towels folded

and in place. I did that :) Then tackle another small thing. After all, this is your

domain. How can you face the world with it's chaos if your home is in upheaval.

One thing at a time, one small step at a time... :) xx

Sorry you’re feeling this- again I relate with soo much of it!!!💞💞💞I’m here for you my friend!!!!🌞🌟✨✨✨I think the suggestions from lofi_cat above are gr8 IMyself want to try this!!!


Wherever u start on ur journey for improving ur self worth just remember to be easy on urself n listen to urself ,so not to overwhelm urself.

Id start with a pros n cons of ur current life..then start a list of things u would like to improve n change within urself.I wouldn't suggest tackling the hardest one on the list first..maybe start with easy ones n ease urself to the hard ones. Take a good look at this article on hobbies first of all. See if you can find a club etc. A hobby might help you to calm down. There are lots of options out there. You can even sign on for lessons etc.

Counselling may also make a difference too. Ask for a referral to a therapist.

I know how you feel. I'm struggling with the same thing. I was always in shape. I exercised 5 times a week and felt great. But my life has gone downhill for the past 3 years. It's taking all I have to get myself back to how I was and how healthy I felt.

I expected too much from myself too fast . I just wanted it to happen. I wanted to look in the mirror again and smile. I realized that you have to take baby steps. I started walking again and am going to do some exercises at home also. It raises your serotonin and epinephrine levels and makes you feel good yknow. That healthy feel good stays with you all day. That creates positivity within yourself. It's not easy but that's okay yknow. Take your time and know that every baby step you take counts.

Know that you are a beautiful person and don't allow anyone to take that from you. Know that you are strong and will get through this.

The first step is to like yourself. It sounds simple but it not really so easy. If you have faith in God see yourself as God see's you. There are many other tips. I hesitate to mention them as Faith based answers tend to upset Atheists.

Everyone has something they are proud of in there lives. Find that one thing that you have accomplished and hold on to it.. Keep it close to your heart and remember it daily. That will help you feel better about yourself. Hope this helps ♥

I'll second what utep99 says. Remind yourself of how God sees you. Even if you don't believe in God, know that there are people out there--not many!--but they're out there, who see you as worthy of love. Period. Even if you never clean your house, or eat right, or get in shape, or do whatever, you are worthy of love. Period. That's a firm foundation to build all these other things on, things like healthy happy words of affirmation, healthy happy food, healthy happy movement, and healthy happy actions like creating and rearranging.

You have some inner strength. How do I know? You said this, "I can usually work out if advice is good or not. Its my problem if it's no good. After all, I have invited your honest opinion." Anyone who is honest with themselves and takes responsibility is one of life's warriors.

If you need some specific encouragement about feeling pathetic, or deflecting that lie, search for "The Man In The Arena." Brene Brown on Vulnerability, and Shame, are good, too

If you want some holistic, faith-and-science mental health help, visit

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