Anxiety affecting work and social life

Im Tom, i just started a job in January this year. Ill be a temp till june if i dont screw it up. Ive been calling out a lot and its going to hurt my chances of being hired permanently. I have no energy or drive to get up and go anymore. I take meds but since ive started this job i have yet too see my therapist due to her schedule. Im aftaid to ask my boss to leave early to go to therapy since my attendance isnt good. I dont even go to the gym anymore, i get too anxious and just stay home. Im 41 and divorced and have 2 kids. I dont date because i dont want to bring anyone into my life since im a mess. Im a loss cause.

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  • It seems that your "go power" fell off when you didn't see your therapist and also your meds may need tweaking. Have you reported this downward change in your mood to your doctor yet? It's very important that you keep aware of your changes and report them to your doctor as well as your counselor. This way you stay on top of any problems and changes in the effectiveness of your drug(s).

  • I havent been able to talk to my therapist due to her schedule and my new job. I recently had my meds tweeked and it seemed to work. However ive been on a downward spiral. Cant seem to get myself going anymore.

  • It's good that you had your meds tweaked but they aren't doing their job right now so it's time to alert your doctor again. Don't ever leave yourself spiraling downward without calling out for help. Your doctor has to know about this in order to get the meds working for you. Please call asap. Try whoever takes call right now if possible and if that doesn't work, call in the am.

    It could be that this antidepressant isn't the right one for you. But you're losing time by staying with it if that's the case. Please call no matter how you hate to. It isn't working the way you're taking it right now. I know you may find it hard to pick up the phone but just reach out and dial the number. Don't think about it. Think only about the words you want to say. Write them out if you need to. It's pretty short and've been in a downward spiral for __ many days. You don't feel up to doing anything at all.

  • OH for sure. I was on an anti-depressant that made me feel WORSE, but my DR made me stay on it for a term of 4 weeks. That was the worst 4 weeks of my life. After the new med, I began feeling more normal after week 1. Try another medication for sure. You have the right to see a DR and leave early, if you let your work know about your anxiety disorder. It's covered under Disability Act. (ADD)

  • Im the same Tom. On a downward spiral. Definately lonliness and having no one to share thoughts with. Like having no support. Everyone I say im depressed to runs a mile. I used to work part time and went to a support group. Loved it. Now my kids have grown I cant cope or survive. Roll on the summer for me. The weather pics me up plus im agency in and out of jobs its soo mind stressing when your not happy. Im going to move into another job because my moto is if your not happy move on. Im alone alot in job too so not good. Hope your having a good day.

  • Tom, I just starting having issues at work due to anxiety and overwhelming work and overloaded at work. What do you mean by "calling out a lot"? What have you been doing at work?

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