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My Social Anxiety Is really high


Only time I ever leave my apartment is groceries but that takes a lot out of me. I need a job. Im running out of money but I am too lazy/anxious to get a job. I dont know what to do. My plan is just to sit inside and do what ive been doing until I run out of money and then figure it out from there. Idk why Im telling u Just lmk if u read this I guess so I know I exist. Please dont tell me to meditate or read. I know that helps and ill try it if i want. My medication isnt really helping me either. It has negative effects on my body but none positive to fix my problems. Thank you for reading I hope we all get better.

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I read you, I get it. It is hard to find the strength sometimes to get up and do what we know it’s the best. I feel that a lot of the times we think we lack the strength to do it but it might just be that we are so overwhelmed that we do not know how to tackle it. So I would say just one step at a time. Instead of focusing on the big picture just focus on one step.

What do you think it’s the first thing you should do to start making a change?

Example: I should first just focus on changing my medicine. That would become your goal, nothing else, once that is done we can focus on next step.

I’ll be reading you.

Oh thank you thank you thank you. This advice reminds me what my mother used to tell me. I moved away so I don't speak with her as much anymore. I appreciate you thank you. That is most definitely a good idea to take it one step at a time. I will try. Thank you very much.

Sure! let me know when you take care of the first step, I would love to keep helping.

I have social anxiety too, I highly recommend for just right now getting a online job that way you are making money, if you need groceries and you don't want to go out, hopefully where you live maybe there is people who can pick up your groceries for you and deliever it to your house that way you don't leave the house, I don't blame you for not wanting to leave your house expectly during COVID 19. Highly recommend doing journaling it helps me and my social anxiety or maybe going for walks they help me overcome my anxiety. I also feel like talking to a doctor about whats going on can help you and your medication. Really go see a doctor about your medication, hopefully you don't have see them in person some doctors are doing on video chats or on the phone.

Ok thank you. I dont know if I will do the doctor thing becuase I dot know whod id call and what to do but I like your journaling idea! I used to write music so maybe I could do that some more as a form of journaling.

Do you have any ideas of like what an online job would be? If not no problem I just dont really know how that would work.

Thank You tho! I appreciate you reaching out and relating with me! We are both in the fight together!

It depends on the online jobs in your area, I know some are for insurance where you answer the phone and put in data and all that but like I said its just depends on your area. For your doctor do you have insurance? if you have insurance you can call them request a doctor that can help you with your medication and request a doctor that is doing over the phone or on video and they will give you a doctor that covers your insurance. Writing music is also good too because you are putting down things that you are feeling and all that.

hey. I have social anxiety too. It's a good step being on a social platform like this. You can choose to share or chat with anybody you'd like. It was something that helped me when I was feeling anxious. Or maybe call a friend let them know how you're feeling. There's never a bad time to reach out for support

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