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Feeling very low and abundant

Recently, I had an laparoscopy and excision of Endometriosis. I also suffer from EUPD (emotionally unstable personality disorder) dissociation, depression and anxiety.

For last few months my emotions have been very unstable and I've become very relentless and impulsive. Ive been self harming nearly everyday and cant seem to stop myself. Sometimes I dont even know im doing it and later regret it.

I feel nobody understands or listens to how im feeling. Im with a personality disorder service and in middle of therapy.

Recently, due to my impulsive and risky behaviour I have been put on contract and not allowed to attend my group therapy until further notice.

I feel they have closed the door on me and are not listening to my needs. I have expressed that to them and consulted my GP for help. My GP prescribed me Zoplicone and Amitriptyline to help me sleep n stay calm. I used them for abit until I overdosed so they been taken off me now. My therapist has written to my GP and asked her not to prescribe me any psychotropic medications that includes strong painkillers.

Currently, I am not on anything and struggling immensely with pain from surgery and with my moods 😢..

Does anyone else feel like this or has suffered/suffering like this?

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