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feeling very low and alone


Its bad enough suffering daily with anxiety,but when stress levels start up over colder weather ,no real support from anyone /no real friends,and its very bad once it starts;im almost despairing of any comfort coming my way over festive period,can anyone else relate...?

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Hi Lorianxiety. The colder weather typically has meant my mental health declines. I’m laying in front of a light box to try to boost vitamins and serotonin. My anxiety is super high most every day. I’m fighting with my mind presently. Sorry to hear you sound like you're struggling but you are not alone. It will be okay.

Thanks Starrlight,yes its a horrible feeling to feel confined to the house when a damp cold day invades your whole being ,in your case vitamins ,are those lamp things any good,hope you feel better soon.can get you down but just need to bounce back again.

SA192461 in reply to Starrlight

You sound just like me 💕

I too feel much worse in the colder months. One thing I have found to help is a weighted blanket. I’m having trouble relaxing with TV or a book lately but when I do I put the blanket on and it’s like a big hug ! I use it at night too but have been sleeping terribly so not sure if it would help with that ! Please continue to reach out here - I’ve found so much support ❤️

SA192461 in reply to Annabelle61

I’ve been looking at weighted blankets, but not sure which one to buy? I could sure use a hug now and then😢

Annabelle61 in reply to SA192461

Mine is by Weighted Idea - the best weight is 10% of your body weight- try it !

SA192461 in reply to Annabelle61

Thank you so much!!!

Hidden in reply to SA192461

Sending Hugs (( )) We all need one!!

Arroyon75 in reply to SA192461

Do those weighted blankets work?

Hidden in reply to Arroyon75

yes! my friend got me a 15lb twin size for my birthday and I love it. The wight has a very calming effect.

I seen they have different weights and sizes which one you think will be good for me...I’m like 5’8 181.

I would get a 20lb one - I just have the twin size 15 lbs because I tend to drag it around with me on the couch etc. I have felt relief from anxiety while using it ! Sending you peace

TBVP in reply to Annabelle61

Wow, I may have to use that. I desire a hug most times I can’t get it.

Why do you say that. We are all your friends. Anytime you can send private msg and we can chat if that helps.

I prefer to have no friends compare to have friends who don't understand depression and anxiety and make fun of it.


So sorry to hear how bad you are feeling.

Do feel free to message me any time and I will keep in touch.

Very best wishes


Oh yes I can relate! This is the worst time of the year for anxiety and depression. I often wish the holidays would just go away! You’re not alone.

I can relate cause I feel the same way...have you tried seeing a therapist...sometimes that work. I know when I speak with someone at the end I feel a little better...trust me I know how you feel....how long u been like this...I have suffered from anxiety attacks and loneliness for a while...you have a good companionship here if you ever need to get something of your chest...we are all here going tru similar issues. 🙏🏼

I get seasonal depression.

Think about it... The trees are bare, the water frozen, the air stings, the grass unseen, no birds singing, flowers blooming, outside activity is almost at halt...so there are less sounds, less people, I feel more lonesome and the world seems near death.

Let your mind wander to the days to come when the warm air moves in and we gaze through a mist as the frozen earth below us melts, and sun peaks through, the trees start to bud, the morning birds appear and sing, as slowly the world becomes colorful and thriving of life.

It will come, as it always has, and you can paint a picture from your memories. You know how the warmth feels, you know how the sun glares, the green of grass, the blue of the sky with puffy white clouds, the branches full of leaves that sway with a warm breeze.

Paint it! Feel it! Until it's here again!

Look within yourself! You are the only one who can help you! Friends can try or perhaps they won't... But only you have the ability to take the anxiety away and make yourself feel better.

lorianxiety in reply to Icare4u

hi .i would agree that visualising a brighter picture could change the gloom and darkness of dwelling on something we have no control over ie Weather changes-----have you ever tried St Johns Wort-its herbal and alters your mood in a similar way that some ant-depressants do;Im on the verge of teken them had them for a good number of months--you seem to be able to visualise?.

Wow I never tried St. John’s wort

Hi Lori, I can totally relate. Because of my depression and anxiety, indirectly, I have lost everything and everybody that I have ever cared about, except my husband. I am the luckiest person in the world to have him. So kind and patient. So you’re not alone, not as long as I’m alive. If you need to talk I will always listen ❤️

Ken1541 in reply to GoneGirl0104

You mentioned losing friends etc because of your anxiety and depression. I have had so many good friends over the years that I either drifted away from or sealed myself off from because of my anxiety and depression. I am my own worst enemy. Anxiety took quality of life away from my mom because she suffered from it. It’s doing the same to me. Sadly there have been moments in my life when my anxiety is at such a low level that I can be free to be myself and as a result my life and relationships become magical. But that’s not the norm and that was years ago. Been in a funk now for 10 or so years

Hi thanks for responding;its a shame that we tend to crucify ourselves because of previous relationships/friendships,its quite depressing too to think that our friends,often family ,leave us or cant handle our constant neediness......IM perhaps speaking from my own point of view ,though Ive never had any real friendships in the past or present ,that to me is because of my solitary nature as well as my lack of acceptance of self------my life has virtually been destroyed by my agrophobia and sexuality.......its good to hear that your husband has been your Rock,and thats good,I welcome you and hope you find some support on this forum,im always willing to listen.take care ,Lori

Hi Lori, I’m so sorry your feeling this way but I as well can relate. The anxiety and stress are bad enough.. then winter comes and enhances all the lonely feelings. I have dealt with anxiety for 30+ years, I’ve lost friends over it because they just don’t get it. Then this past August I sustained a tibial plateau fracture (basically a broken knee) and have been laid up since. I am now walking with a walker but not for any real distance so one more thing to enhance the anxiety and stress. I try to think of better days are coming but sometimes it’s hard to do that. I know they say we are the only ones who can heal our anxiety and I do have some good days but man I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Sometimes it helps to know this is a real thing and your not crazy like some people have told me. Just know your not alone and if you have to post a hundred times a day it seems like there are some very compassionate people on here and maybe we can help each other.

HI Twilight,your absolutely right,its frustrating enough to have to explain yourself over and over,Gp too insufficient time,its like a curse has been put on those of us who suffer ,as others as you say just cant grasp the intensity/impact it has on our life-------and for you to end up with a broken knee,the whole scenario worsens ------perhaps they (your friends

)-can understand that both mental and physical interact,and although they cant see it doesnt mean its less debilitating------i recently met an elderly person 89young -he can identify with having been on diazapam for 30yrs or thereabouts-a gp stopped them abruptly younger doctor as did mine and boy did he have withdrawal symptoms akin to coming off heroin----------the poor man is still on them one at night 5mg ---for sleeping---such stories infuriate me as i know its not the appropriate treatment--similarly with me 2mg diazapam given reluctantly 14tabs,a month later i need to ask for more and i loath it ........I too have had health,,generalised anxiety all my life practically and im 70yrs young. yes,there are many caring understanding people on here as they too have been through it and still are.-keep talking ,we all need to vent every single one of us.!!

I feel this way too. Especially with the lack of support and no friends. I feel like all this would be easier if I had a great support system. I think that’s how many of us get on our mental situation because of that lack of support. I tend to take the weight of the world on my shoulders and feel like I do it alone.

The holidays are just a reminder for me how disfunctional I am and how I don’t have close ties with friends and family. It makes me feel abnormal that I don’t enjoy them like everyone else. My mom hated Christmas growing up so it pretty much made me not like it as well. Too many bad memories.

Hi,yes,the festive period does bring a lot of sadness,as well as a little joy --but nowadays, its pointless in finding people who can share and understand the true meaning of Christmas-I hope that if You are around or on here we can chat or console ;at least your trying to keep going and work from home-which can be very isolating but its functioning under stress and axiety that is important .My mother never liked Christmas ,one of eight and it was all housework her baking ect ect.no real fun ,but we survived......take care.

I am a senior from AZ and now live alone in Utah-yep I can relate.

And it is my belief that I am Early onset, I'm often times confused and always forgetful.

lorian if I were there I would give you a big bear hug, it is so amazing how a hug can change everything. So I am sending you a virtual HUG!!!!

lorianxiety in reply to NoRegret

thankyou for the big hug,I want you to know that i support and will listen to you or anyone truly struggling with their Anxiety/depression/isolationand Im sending love and hug back all the way from Scotland ;my compassionate nature cannot bear to think of you suffering alone.....and this site definitely helps!..

I can relate. Change of season and less sunlight makes my anxiety worse. Leads to depression too. A lot of people suffer rom this you are not alone. Plus you have friends in this community. Look at all the replies? People care. Friends care

lorianxiety in reply to Ken1541

Yes Ken,Im so pleased that they do care and I care too,very much so .life would be very different from what we feel if more people realised that it is a common thing to experience our symptoms that accompany depression,anxiety,phobias ,then they too can speak out about their thoughts and emotions its not always easy but it does lift ones spirits -so hopefully we can all feel a mutual bond and not feel so isolated on holidays or on a miserable winters day//just to acknowledge that no one is exempt though some of us suffer on a permanent basis!


Cold weather makes me feel so sad and alone. Just looking outside is depressing. I would just crank up the music and find a book to read just to get my mind of racing thoughts. :)

lorianxiety in reply to Hidden

Hi there yes i know that gloomy feeling,glad you can lose yourself in a book.even shopping is a chore i dont like especially in nasty weather.........we just need to find things to divert our attention to enjoyand try and find some sort of contentment.....and above all your never alone .this forum is a Godsend.

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