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Helping my dad

Hello, My name is Amanda and today my dad who is suffers Fromm depression, anxiety and is an alcoholic called me to tell me he is admitting himself tmrw morning into a rehab for alcoholism. I know that after the 3 months he will still face depression but I'm not sure how I will begging this journey with him. I'm scared and not sure if I can do it but willing.

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It's great that he is going to rehab! Sometimes when they're there for 3 months they have the family come and talk and give you some resources. In the meantime perhaps you could find a local Al-Anon chapter? They're all over the place and it's common for alcoholics to also have anxiety and depression. Alcohol is a depressant, when that wears off they can rebound into anxiety. Makes sense. I have zero medical training, just reading and life and many AA meetings.


Exactly. Hopefully the facility he will be in will also address the depression and anxiety and he will learn other coping methods other than self-medication.


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