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Weight lost

What can I do to loose weight as I did try everything already

Food and diet

Hi I am 60kgs I would like to be 50kgs how can you help me?

Getting more fat

Hey guys it's been 3 years since Iv been here and I now weigh 120 wow I have gai...
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Weight loss tricks

Weight loss a trick As a homeopath I feel it is very easy to loose weight throug...

Need weight loss buddy

I am 26 and weigh 86 kg.Need a weight loss buddy in hyderbad(secunderabad).


when i start any diet in the first day my weight going down almost half kg, but ...

weight loss

Hi can u please suggest me which product is good for weight loss Amway or Herbal...

Weight loss

Hey i want to loose 10kgs Asap

Want to loose weight around 30-35 kgs in 6 months

I am 22 year old height is 5\"11 and weight is 118 and what kind of diet or supp...

how to loose

hey i'm 85kg. want to get it off to 70kg(according to bmi). i have only three mo...

How do I start loosing weight

How do I start to loose weight

Help me loose weight without exercise

I have a serious injury and im waiting for my surgery,and now i have gained lot ...

to reduce weight

hi my name is sneha im 22 years ,80kgs, 167cms. i would like to reduce my weigh...

Regarding to my health

Hy i m indian Am from punjab My height is 5.11 And my weight is 91 kg. How can...

Carb Cycling

has anyone tried carbs cycling?

I kinda need help and advice..

Hey everyone out there... I am a 21yr old and i am 5'9 ..i weigh abt 113kg and i...

im new here

iam 98 kgs i want to reduce weight to 50 height is 173 cms.i have thyroid ...

Weight loss

I want to lose weight, plz help

Eight loss

Hello ! I am 31 , my weight is 70kgs and my height is 5.4. Need to shed weight i...

weight loose

I am a student and I have to attend classes 8am to 4:30 pm.what should I do to l...

Weight Loss

Hi Guys, I am a Male, My age is 25, height is 5 ft 9 and I weigh 100 Kgs. I woul...

Lose weight

my name is adil age 22 location Mumbai weight 95kg want to burn 35kg please gi...

Wheight ..140Height 5.10 inches.Age 31Want to lose atlest 60 kg

Wheight ..140 Height 5.10 inches. Age 31 Want to lose atlest 60 kg

48 yrs old 88kgs. 173cm. Used to be 73 kgs when I used to ran 30 mins a day. How many steps a day walking required and if cycling 30 min is

48 yrs old 88kgs. 173cm. Used to be 73 kgs when I used to ran 30 mins a day. How...

Healthy diet plan

Hii frnds, I wann reduce my 7 kg extra plz suggest me for healthy w...

List of superfood for gain weight

List of energy-dense foods that are perfect for weight gain: Nuts: Walnuts, almo...

Now my weight 83kg i want loss my weight 72

My post in uae Heavy bus long duty 9 hour

Weight loss

Hi im 42 years old and weight 105kg I'm walking everday 6000 steps and more wou...

Helpful tips to lose atleast 12kg

Hi i am Raghu, age 32, my weight is 92 and wanna lose atleast 12 kg in next 4mon...

Weight loss help

I am 20 years old and my height is 5 feet 3 My weight is 78kg help me loose wei...
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