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can some knowledgable person, please comment as test results showing abnormality and I am worried?

I have been taking 25mcg of Eltoxin for 6 weeks and felt more smptoms, I stopped taking them after my last blood test.

My G.p wanted me to stop them because of abnormal results, but i still have problems.

My hashi was diagnosed through thyroglobulin antibodies goitre and variable T S H.

what do i do now? on no meds and feel ill?

can you please comment on the results below and explain what happened and advise what I should do?

or post a link to refere to, so I can show my g.p.

serem free t4 level 57.30 pmo/l

rang surgery and was told patient on Eltroxin

patient is now biochemcally hyperthyroid?

I cannot not see a abnormal TSH on the system?

Serum tsh level 0.1 miu/l

thyroid function test abnormal.

serum globulin 28 g/l

Serum album 41 g/l

Serun total protein 69 g/l

serum alkaline phosphatase 49/gl

serum inorganic phosphate 0.67 mmo/l

corrected serum calcium level 2.20 mmol

serum calcium 2.20 mmol

bone profile, please arrange repeat test


Plasma C reactive protein 17 mg/l

serum c reactive protein level


Serum creatine 82/ umol/

serium F S H 69.40 iul/L

pre menopausal

Follicular phase 35- 12.5

ovulation phase 4..7 -21.5

luteal phase 1.7-7.7

post menopausal 25,8 134.8

serum creatinine 82 umo/L

so sorry about the long list, I am so grateful.


merissa xxxx

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sorry about this again, under the sentence patient now hyperthroid,

there was another sentence noting when was the patient diagnosed as hypothyroid?

then it goes on to say I can not see ................................... abnormal T S H on the sytem. my last T S H read 2.68 months ago.

How can the g.p bybass these results? and i have to wait another two weeks, I am so sad.



Hi Merrisa - is your FT4 really 57.3? Also do you have a range for your FT4? Thanks, xx


Clarebear, I am so deperate for a answer, yes my ft4 is 57.3, no range other than g,p comment abnormal.

would 25mcg cause these results? the problem is, although on stopping the meds, still having problems.

I noticed on the bone profile there also is a problem.



trying to make sence of all the results.



Hi Merissa - FT4 sounds very high. I wouldn't have expected 25mcg of thyroxine to do that and your TSH sort of contradicts that as it looks ok. I'm sorry but not sure about this - hopefully someone else will have some suggestions. Xxx


Hi Merissa

Your T4 certainly does look odd!

Why were you prescribed thyroxine in the first place? What were your test results, what symptoms were you having?

Sorry to answer a question with questions....




Hi Louise, I was given Elroxin for thyroglobulin antibodies variable TSH and multinodular goitre.

Mty smptons are extreme fatigue knee/ wrist/ spine/ neck/ hip pain.

virtigo/ dizzy/

bone/ muscle pain./ cramps/ clicking bones. scalp sensitivety/ head pressure.


cold hands and feet/ then heat intolence/ feeling malise/ not enough oxygen

weight gain/ and loss

papatations/ fast and slow Hair snapping falling out

low vody temp at 35.5

stiff ness drop in temp suddenly

swollen nodes under ear/ neck/

feeling of being strangled/ neck pain over sensitive skin/ noise startles me

sinus/ excessive mucus

burning feet. pricky

wheat intolerance randon muscle twitches

kidney pain

breathlessness/ wheezing

big toe pain scolloped tongue.

chest tighness

stabbing pains left eye blurry vision

internal vibrations even the throat

feeling sick/ then starving/ then craving foods

no drive/ small bit of house work exhaust me

can not deal with stress

the list is enlesss/ I cant understand how I have become ill, and what was the cause?

G>P feels eltoxin has caused my tsh to dip and mt t4 to rise, surely such a small dose can not cause this. hence I was only on them 6/ 8 weeks. G.p wants me to see a neurologist? not sure why, I need a endocronolgist. Having tried to figue out my test results, it seems I have imflammation and low PTH with abnormal thyroid ranges.

opology for the long list.


merissa xxx


It is quite unusual, but 25mcg can be too much for some people.

You symptoms do sound like hypothyroidism, but I am wondering if you have ever had your B12 tested?

The antibodies seem to be causing you to swing from hypo to hyper. I agree that you need to see an endo, I think I would be inclined to insist. They may want to look at taking your thyroid out.

Please remember that I am not medically trained.




Hi You also need a free T3 test. if the T4 is that I would definitely demand a referral to a good endo. make sure you research one first do not just have one who the Gp recommends. like everyone there are good and bad doctors. listening is the most important tribute and actually often they are the older ones!As for the other tests we do need your ranges, most Labs are different for different blood tests and often the assay is different too.A good endo will have a wide knowledge as it covers most workings of the body!



Hyah Jackie, how do I get the ranges? it seems my test results have no ranges and i dnt think my doc them either.


jackie xx


Hi When you ask for tests ask for a print out to include the ranges. It can be GP`s or hospitals. Normally for hospitals they do not come with ranges ,unless you specifically ask for them.I have many blood tests weekly and always do this.



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