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Blood test results - some help please!

Hi, had my blood test results but I have a nasty feeling they have not tested everything. I have no clue what all the figures mean so this is what I have had back:

Serum Anti-TPO antibodies < 10iu/mL (<35)

Will be filed as: 43GL.00 Anti-T antibody level 10 IU/mL

Serum C reactive protein level , 2 mg/L (<5)

Plasma Fasting glucose level 4.8 mmol/L (4.1 - 6.0)

Then there is another sheet with loads of things on it which I think are the standard blood test counts (says "Full Blood Count" at the top), only one thing was flagged out of about 15:

Eosiniphil count 0.7 10*9/L (,0.4) "Abnormal"

No sign of all of the other things I requested to be tested for like TSH, FT4, FT3, and TgAb B12, folate, ferritin and Vitamin D so as I initially thought.

Message from my doctor just said all the tests were fine and no further action needed.... arghhh!! Maybe I haven't got a thyroid problem then but my symptoms seem to point towards one.

Symptoms are: feeling cold all the time, especially hands and feet, waking up wired after 5 hours sleep (every flipping day!!) needle like itching, crazy tiredness after about 8 PM, random pains in joints and muscles, flu and cold like symptoms for the last 4 months, constant extremely dry mouth, muscle cramps. Doing my head in now as the doctor keeps hinting I'm depressed, I work in mental health and I genuinely don't think I am.

Any help greatly appreciated, just not sure where to go now.

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I think the least the GP could have done is the TSH test. Phone and ask the surgery why it wasn't done and has it been forgotten. Usually labs only do TSH and if in 'normal' range wont do the T4, T3.

Don't let the GP get off with 'depressed'. If he cannot diagnose you if you have clinical symptoms you need to get the answer somewhere else.

If you can afford a private consultation, email and ask for a list of NHS Endos/private doctors.


Thanks very much, I will try emailing her.


Yes, at the very least a TSH test would help although many of your symptoms could be due to adrenal disfunction. The best way to test those are a saliva test which measures cortisol levels four times per day. Thyroid and adrenals glands are closely related as far as functioning goes. If you can't get anywhere with your doctor, there are things you can do on your own.


Thanks for the reply, will look into this


I forgot to say that your c reactive protein test was excellent and it's important. People with high crp levels are liable for heart attacks if I remember.


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