Hi Need Advice Admin Team Please !!

I have had Underactive Thyroid for 15 years but the last 12 months have been bad, have posted details 4 months ago on various problems, to cut a long story short is that I have had numerous Blood Tests done since 29 th October 2014

Serum free T3 4.8pmol/L 3.00 - 7.10pmol/L

Serum free T4 28.3 pmol/L 10.40 - 24.50pmol/L

Serum TSH 0.12 mu/L 0.30 - 6.00 mu/L

Levothyroxine reduced from 100mcg to 75mcg

10 th December 2014 only Serum TSH level done 0.82 mu/L 0.30 - 6.00 mu/L

2 nd February 2015 only Serum TSH level done 8.1 mu/L 0.30 - 6.00 mu/L

Big Increase !!!!!!!

Had Dexa Bone Density Scan on 10th February 2015 and also Vitamin D bloods done.....

Vitamin D came back Deficient - 29 Normal is 50

And Dexa Bone Scan revealed Osteopenia - Recommendations: Ensure Calcium and Vitamin D replete.

Consider supplementation with approximately 1 mg Calcium and 800 units of Vitamin D per day if appropriate ( loss of Bone Mass )

I have been prescribed Adcal D3 Calcium Carbonate 750 mg and vitamin D3 (200 I.U.)

Is this right ???

As my Bone Profile was done on the 29/10/2014 and was as follows:- Normal No Action -

Serum Calcium 2.44 mmol/L 2.20 - 2.60 mmol/L

Corrected S/C 2.44 mmol/L 2.20 - 2.60 mmol/L

Serum total protein 68 g/L 60.00 - 80.00 g/L

Serum globulin 25 g/L 18.00 - 36.00 g/L

Am I getting too much Calcium in the Adcal D3 ???

Hope you can give me a bit of insight


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I am not the administration, but what i do see on your Thyroid tests is your high level of ft4..it shows that you are becoming or are t4 toxic, not converting the t4 to the t3 like you need to do to feel well. You would have a high reverse t3, if they were to test it. High rt3, keeps the t3 from getting to the cells properly. If it were me, i would cut my t4 meds way back and add some t3.

I would say that you are not being prescribed enough vit a min D you should have at least 800 units a day I would' nt say you are having too much calcium but you need to supplement with magnesium as well if you are taking calcium.

If we just look at your earlier bloods as to have been given three results there your FT4 says you are above range but your FT3 is low in the range so you are possibly not converting well. That could indicate you are low in vitamins and minerals and when hypo we are often low so that needs looking at as that impacts on your general health as well. If that is addressed you may be able to take slightly less T4 and/or more of the T4 converting to T3 so your FT4 would drop and your FT3 rise which would be what you are aiming at. The other results don't mean a great deal without the FT3 reading. It could be that even after getting vitamins and minerals to an optimum level your FT3 isn't optimum, then you may have a case for adding a little T3. Dr Lowe states it is acceptable to have FT4 slightly above range as long as the FT3 is in range.

Most GP's and Endo's won't give T3 easily, whether it's because its so expensive or because they think terrible things will happen to us isn't relevant if they say no but often to prove a point that they think adding T3 will make your bones crumble they do a VIT D3 test. A few years ago I volunteered to have a bone mineral scan when I spotted a plea in fracture clinic, I'd broken my ankle! I was told I had osteopenia in keeping with my age and no treatment needed but my GP decided I must be over medicated, I wasnt, and made me see an Endo. He did a Vit D test and the result came back at 25! So I was put on a booster dose of 20,000 IU one a week for 12 weeks then a maintenance dose of AdCal, 2 aday (800 IU) and my level is now in the 90's. I understood that a low dose which you have been given will never raise things to an acceptable level so I should read up all you can about VIT D and then see your GP. recently I've had another bone density scan and after my year of taking Vit D I no longer have osteopenia, I have moved into the normal range, just, so I'm pleased about that. The radiologist told me she wouldn't give a ten year fracture risk as I haven't got one! So do look into taking a higher amount of D3, it not only helps your skeleton but it will help your thyroid meds as well and decreases any aches you may be experiencing. Hope this helps

Watch the fat emperor video on Vit D that was posted here a day or two ago. It takes about an hour so give yourself time. It is very good and you will find 800iu is far too low a dose to be optimum.Above 50 nmol/L is supposedly satisfactory ( I was 49.8 nmol/L )but we need more in winter. 50 nmol/l I think equates to 20ng/ml and according to the lecture ( if I have remembered right) optimum is 32- 50 ng/ ml.

An earlier grassroots site post tells you how much in iu terms you need to get from 20 - to 50 etc.

Treepie, you are mixing up ng/ml and nmol/l. 75 nmol/l is considered 'replete'. Optimal is up to 125 nmol/l. No advantage has been realized by going higher than 125 nmol/l.

30ng/ml is consider replete. Up to 50 ng/l is considered optimal. Going far above that is not considered to provide advantage.

Thanks,must watch video again. My blood test just said 49.8 nmol/l and that >50 was satisfactory.

I keep rereading my post and I cannot see what is wrong. I think nmol/l is divided by 2.5 to get ng/ l . So my .50 nmol/l equates to 20 ng/l.

And the print out said > 50 nmol/lwas satisfactory.

Well, as everyone has said, your FT3 is too low and your FT4 is too high, which means you aren't converting. But your stupid docs only went by the TSH and lowered your dose!

So, why aren't you converting? have you had your ferritin and iron tested? They are the usual culprets. Or yourB12 and folate? All these things need to be at least mid-range - B12 higher - for you to use the T4 you're taking.

Your calcium is over mid-range, so I don't see why you need more calcium. In any case, the best way - safest way - to raise calcium is to take vit D3 (but more than you're taking, as others have said) + magnesium + zinc + vit K2. But if you really want to take the calcium, at least add in some vit K2 so that the calcium goes into your bones and not your tissues. And remember, doctors know nothing about this stuff!

Hugs, Grey

Yes have had all the Blood Tests done and have come back normal - Not Optimal as we would want them but they will not listen to that !!

More concerned with the added Calcium in the D3 when my calcium level is normal, but went to the Doctors this morning regarding this as taking the Adcal D3 750mg/ 200 iu Vitamin D twice a day was it not too much Calcium - He changed the prescription to Calcichew 1000mg/ 800 iu one a day ?

Still not sure if I should be taking just Vitamin D3 without the Calcium added ???

Thanks greygoose.....

Lord, he sounds useless! Does he have the slightest idea about what he's doing! lol Did he perhaps mishear your and think you said 'not enough calcium'? But what about the vit D? You really are deficient in that!

I really can't answer your question because only you can decide. But, personnally, I would take Vit D3 with magnesium, zinc and K2 - in fact, that's exactly what I do do!

Actually, you should be concerned about your B12 if it's below 600. You can supplement for that yourself.

Oh my dear goosey! LOL! Totally agree.


I'm pretty sure that Vit D has to be taken with Calcium, you can't get it on it's own.

You can get vitamin D on its own if you buy it yourself, rather than rely on your doctor for a prescription. You also have a vast choice of dosages when you buy it yourself.

Yes GP will only prescribe with added calcium I have had this issue but have ordered k2 on line and will add this in and over the next 15 weeks I will take what he has me on and see where we go from there.

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