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Blood test results

Hi I collected my blood test results today and I wonder if u could help me understan them:

Plasma free T4 level 10.6 pmol/L (6.3 - 14.0)

Plasma TSH level. 17.16 mu/L (0.3 _ 5.6) above high reference limit

B12 and Folate

Serum vitamin B12 level >1500 pg/ml (180.0 - 914.0) above high reference limit

Plasma folate level 10ng/mL (4.0 - 20.0)


Serum ferritin level 10 ug/L (11.0 - 307.0) below low reference limit

Bone and Liver

Plasma alanine aminotransferase level 12iu/L (14.0 - 54.0) below low reference li£it


Plasma total iron binding capacity 72umol/L (40.0 - 70.0) above high reference range

A f what. I have put on here I don't understand I hope someone out there does and can. Enlighten me.

Thank you

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Your Free T4 is pretty much in the middle of the range (could be a bit higher). But your TSH is way high.

It seems likely that your thyroid is being asked to make more thyroid hormone - but can't. That would explain the significantly raised TSH but very middling FT4. And I would expect your levothyroxine dose to be raised.

B12 - you are supplementing, are you not? Anyway almost certainly fine.

Ferritin is low and TIBC high - you need to do something about this. Maybe getting thyroid hormone back up a bit and iron supplementation is in order. Make sure they are taken at least four hours apart.

ALT low is insignificant.

Have you been tested for thyroid antibodies?



What are thyroid antibodies? What do they do or what do they tell you?


Have a read here:

If you are positive for antibodies, that strongly suggests you have autoimmune thyroid disease - often called Hashimoto's. It is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the UK, USA and other places which generally have enough iodine and selenium in their diets.


Yes I was tested for antibodies and they were <33 iu/ml (0.0 - 60.0). My levothyroxine has been raised from 125mcg to 150mcg going for another blood test monday to see if my TSH has gone down. Going to make sure I am referred to see an endocrinologist when I see the doctor next week.

Will let you know what happens and thanks for all your help.


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