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latest blood results


Hi all I was taking 2grains of WP but couldn't get any so I have been taking 2 grains of Nature-Throid for about 2 months wasn't feeling very well so had bloods done here they are

hs-CRP 23.45 5.0 mg/l

Ferritin 181.0 13-150 ug/L

TSH 10.20 0.27-4.20 mlu/L

T4 Total 58.6 66-181 nmol/L

Free T4 7.00 12.0-22.0 pmol/L

Free T3 3.77 3.1-6.8 pmol/L

Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs 15.6 34 klu/L

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs 556 115 ku/L

vit B12 692

Serum Folate 13.50 8.83-60.8

how much should I increase NDT by ? I thought a quarter of a grain to begin with see how I go my GP wants me to go back on Levo but said no so he said to double dose of NDT think I am going to change him I have had a tooth infection and my arthritis has been playing up

thanks in advance

many thanks in advance

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If on NDT you can increase by 1/4 tablet every two weeks until symptom-free. Always take a check of pulse/temp especially if you feel too hot etc but you will probably find neither has risen too much. If they have risen, drop back to previous dose.

On NDT blood tests cannot correspond as they were introdocued for T4 alone so because NDT has T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin it is always how 'we feel' which is the guide. Due to your high TSH you aren't on a sufficient dose yet.

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Thank you shaws much appreciated

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