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Horrific stomach issues, armour getting lowered?

I'm having horrible stomach aches, lasting all day/night. They leave me curled up in bed. I'm hypo and it feels like a death sentence, wish it'd hurry up. My armour, is 60mg, I take B12, selenium, kelp, magnesium, zinc, multi viti., bread been eliminated, basically no white, other medical problem dealing w spine, dang this is bad I know, thankfully I found this site there r others. Current blood indicate I'm still low, dr., losing armour to 50mg I get mine compounded, take 2 hours on empty stomach, before anything. If my tsh, t4, t3, r remaining low after prior dose/3mo., does lower armour to 50mg make sense?

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Have you got autoimmune thyroid disease and why are you taking kelp? Have you had iodine levels tested?

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Wow fast:) autoimmune I'm bringing up next Dr visit, cell count was too low to donate last week, having problems w hives..

If you've got hives then it could be something you are taking is causing an allergic reaction. You could try discontinuing all supplements and adding one at a time back in every 2 weeks to find out what you are reacting to. Have you got results of latest thyroid tests, if so post here if you want advice from people on the forum about dose reduction. I don't know what you mean about cell count being too low. Have you got another condition?

Multivitamin is not a good idea to take alongside the other vitamins you are taking. If your multivitamin contains iron you won't absorb any of the other vitamins in the supplement anyway.

Kelp is not generally advisable when taking thyroxine unless perhaps you are getting expert advice from a qualified person with specific expertise in thyroid who is supervising your treatment and doing blood tests. If you have autoimmune thyroid disease then kelp might aggrevate it.


Thank u! My multi, magnesium, kelp taken in pm. Kelp was advised, I'll try any advise to not feel like I do. I'll post results as soon as they arrive, any day. Thk u, 4 paying attention, be well🦋

Who advised kelp and did they know whether you have autoimmune thyroid disease or not? If they didn't know whether you have thyroid antibodies or not then perhaps their advice was not based on full information?


I just reread my reply, to make myself clear, I went to donate to red cross, my white cell count was to low for acceptable donattion, this combined with how i feel, I know for sure hypothyroid, been taking 60mg armour-compounded, my diet is clean, changing times for supplements, waiting for bloodwork from dr., just picked up 50mg-compounded armour, thk u:)

I've stopped the kelp, changed the magnesium/zinc to pm. My multi has no iron, added digestive/Probiotics. These changes have stopped the incredible stomach aches:) thankfully to all the suggestions I received & Did. I've got info in to my current dr., (gp) to send info for another blood test until next visit (mid july) I now know I'm under medicated was 60 lowered 50 mg armour instead of upping. Also asking for referral to thryoid dept. Thank you for seeing/replying to me. I see u on many others, your so smart, I've got my👀on you!! Haha

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My iodine was right in the middle level, it was last bloodwork 2 week ago, test results should be arriving anyday🌸thanks

Then you really should not be taking kelp. It is very high in iodine. And iodine is not recommended when you're hypo - especially not with Hashi's, you are just making yourself worse. Was it a doctor that recommended it? People have this weird idea that when you have a thyroid problem, all you need to do is throw iodine at it. But, it's not true. If your thyroid is no longer able to make much hormone, you will end up with excess iodine, and that is not a good thing.


The kelp, zinc, r in the "bag out" I'm changing times for taking few other supplements, just p/u lower dose-50mg-armour-compounded, waiting for blood work results, go, any day, ucsf-sf, will post, Thank you, for the info, 🦋

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You're welcome. :)

I'd skip some supplements for a while. Don't know how much each you are taking but for example zinc can cause awful stomach pain even on low dosages. On large dosages crippling stomach ache is sign of zinc poisoning.

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For sure the kelp is put away, no iodine, as soon as I saw you noted ZINC, it went with kelp!! Thank you spook much!!! You all have responded with such support/ideas, thank you very much. I just picked up 50mg-compounded armour, blood test from gp-ucsf-sf should be in any day, will post. Have a great weekend🌞

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Essential to know if you have high TPO and/or TG thyroid antibodies..if you do this is autoimmune thyroid disease also called Hashimoto's

With Hashimoto's it's not recommended to take any extra iodine or kelp

With Hashimoto's we very often need to look at food intolerances, especially gluten


:) the kelp is put away, I don't take supplement of additional iodine, prior reply said zinc could cause the IB, gluten is out of diet...thk u for the reference sites, greatly appreciated🌺

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It is very common for hypo sufferers to have low stomach acid (the elderly can suffer from this also). Taking a betaine HCL cap with meals containing protein can enhance digestion.

And if stomach lining is thin in spots, a product by Lane Labs, Nature's Lining, can set things right in just a bottle or two. I had four surgeries in a year's time and had to take antibiotics for 2 - 3 weeks after surgery (standard procedure) and after the 2 - 3 surgery (can't remember which) my stomach was feeling like I had eaten ground glass. Within a month or so of taking Nature's Lining, no more pain. I now take it once, twice a year for a month or so ... just for maintenance...

By the way, one grain (60 mgs) is a ridiculously low dose of NDT. That is usually the starting dose when one first starts NDT and you work up from that 60 mgs. Lowering that dose is crazy. Of course, do get labs done if you have been on this dosage for 6 wks or so and see what is going on.

You need to stay on top of this. Pain like you are having is not normal. What does your doctor say? You could have diverticulosis and that is nothing to fool around with. Are you still going to the bathroom okay?


Your reply Jumped out at me!! I've even used the term "I feel like I ate glass" wow...ok, I've gotten so many great replies.....🤸‍♀️ive been on 2 other meds, before I asked for the armour, total 10 months, last appt, I questioned 50mg also, yet she said I was still low. I'm not sure if lower than prior test, I'll know once I get my own copy in mail, any day. I'm stopping, kale, zinc, now a few others to pm, I'm sure that will help. My doc is thru ucsf-sf top medical facility, next appt I'm not better ill ask for referral, for gp to bathroom is another drinking A LOT of water, now switching magnesium to pm, thank you soo much 4 your reply/info.. .🌸

Ok, I researched Hcl, and it is positively been something I've been doing, not realizing, I use ACC w water at night. And, more recently heart burn which only bothered me, when I was pg, and I'm NOT. Can u imagine, pg& this problem🤤 So, can I continue as a natural form of help for HCL, or a prescription? If i can go natural, baking soda/acv please advise.....omg thank you..

I don't understand some of your abbreviations? but.. the betaine with pepsin is available over the counter (I am in the USA and purchase supplements from Vitacost, Swansons, Amazon, IHerb etc). Baking soda will neutralize stomach acid and I would be a little leery of that right now. I don't know what the ACC stands for but ACV can be useful to some if they need to enhance their stomach acid. But I would be careful of any addition to your protocol until you know what is causing your pain. You could have an ulcer??? diverticulosis??? If I were you, I would back off most supplements and start keeping a daily log of what you eat, supplements, how you are feeling, bathroom habits etc.

Also, I don't understand the 50 mg of NDT? 30 - 37.5 - 60 - 65 mgs (and multiples of those numbers) is the normal dosage. I don't know of an NDT that comes in a 50 mg form. Do get yourself to the doctor as soon as possible in order to see where this pain is coming from. You may have to go to the hospital if it gets bad. I worry that you might have a blockage. I am probably being too alarmist.

ps. Instructions on the bottle of Betaine that I have says to NOT take this product if you are also taking any Nsaids etc (ibuprophen for instance).

Hi, spell Check, Acc was ment for Apple cider vinegar, I'll be sure to go to Cvs to pick up your suggestion, Pepin. Last night was the beginning of removing zinc, kelp taking only few supplements in pm. Hopefully, the timing & removing help. The armour is compounded prior was 60, lowered to 50, I couldn't understand. I'll compare blood results once I can, I just want the belly ache to stop. New day, with all the suggestions/changes ive got to feel better. My diet is clean, for years no red meat, pork, hard to digest food always bothered me. Gluten, basically, no white. Poop, isn't a problem, I drink a ton of water, juice w protein etc. I have started a journal, noting ALL. Thank you, so much your ideas w others, are awesome, have a great beautiful day🌞

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Walgreens carries betaine! I'll get it today. Thank you, I'm sure it's something I should have been taking for years! You have no idea, mahalo-nui....🌸

Do see if you can locate/purchase 'Nature's Lining' by Lane Labs. It is wonderful for strengthening the stomach lining, especially if that lining has been damaged due to antibiotic use, for instance.

I see you don't eat meat?? Betaine is useful to help digest protein and you don't eat a lot of protein? Just be careful, okay? Oh... I read where you get your NDT compounded so your doc can instruct the pharmacy to make it any strength he wants to so ignore my other comments on NDT except I repeat... 1 grain (60 mgs) is very, very small amount of NDT and rarely, if ever, a maintenance dose.

Thanks so much, I got so many great, supporting suggestions from one day! I think I did almost everything, heck I felt so lousy, for so long, why not, right? U won't believe it, I've had the best day!! Got so much done, I've been putting off, due to feeling bad. But, OMG I can't thank u enough, really. I wish I could hug u, I did everything exactly the same, I hope I don't jinx myself, lol.

Thank you for reading my post, and taking your time&knowledge responding. I'll check those sites for sure, I think back I've always had problems with stomach aches. There is a LOT of food I don't eat, as I know it'll give me stomach problems. I've been diagnosed with nervous stomach all sorts of weird stuff. Which led me a cleaner diet, ham/pork meat really bothered me. I'm sure as u explained, lining no doubt needs help.🐝thank you, so very much!

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You are most welcome. A lot of folks have problems eating/digesting any pork products. I am in the south in the US and one southern custom when eating any kind of pork (and we love our ham/sausage etc) is to eat fruits high in pectin at the same time which seems to help digest pork. Fried apples are a favorite side dish to ham or pork chops.

So glad you are feeling better. Hope that continues. :)

I couldn't locate Nature's Lining on Amazon - UK but it is available on Amazon - Canada

maybe helpful to read reviews?

Also available on Vitacost (where I get mine) tho temporarily out of stock at the moment.

and they do ship overseas..

Living in the south, I watch Doy shows, looks beautiful! I'm in Cali., u poor thing 4 surgeries to u r stomach, ug😣I feel great compared to my 1st post, taking the advise from here, yepee!

I picked up, Pb-8 supports digestive aid, I'll go to health food store also, should I be getting probiotics also? At this point, I'd do anything, any of u said, hahaha, u made me feel better🏖

Hey, kiddo. :) My four surgeries stemmed from my breast cancer. 1st surgery was a lumpectomy, then a mastectomy, then expanders/implant, then a redo of the implant. Awful time and the antibiotics that I had to take after each surgery is what tore my stomach up. If I had been in my thirties instead of my sixties at the time, I probably would have tolerated the antibiotics much better.

The PB 8 you are taking/going to take, is a probiotic and one of the better ones (not the best necessarily) for the cost.... very reasonable and works relatively well. Now whether you need it or not is another question. Have you taken a lot of antibiotics? Are you elderly? Most of us can stand to take some probiotics. I still like the Nature's Lining for repairing the stomach lining.

So glad you are feeling better.

ps. If you have stopped some of your supplements and you are now doing better, it is possible that you were having an allergic reaction to one of those supplements? Not sure.... just throwing that out there for you to consider?

Girl, first I got chills thinking of your poor body, thank you for sharing a personal story. Who knows what we could, would do different in our past, Hugh? At least , I'm saying lightly, least you have u r implant and I hope those girls make you look beautiful in beautiful, colorful clothes😎I picked up the best I could, asap, to get it started asap,the digestive aid. However, I'll most definitely get what u suggested. I've stopped the zinc, kelp as it's 3 days, no baby curl in bed as my yard, house, dog chores pile up. And, my others I take in pm instead. Still waiting for mail, to give my latest results as I want to compare/share, the results on armour, 60mg, compounded r looking👀like. I've never had to take many antibiotics, I found what seemed just opening a bottle and I'd get a instant, vagina yeast infection😝let me tell u I've tried some really odd natural remedies to get rid of those naturally😄

Funny, my dog now has a rash on her belly, lol🐶

My hive problem I believe, was a reaction to a natural tea, I'd never tried, now never again. I again will tell you, thank u for the kindness of paying attention the other day, when I first wrote. It was months of horrific belly aches, 🐝 have a great day!

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Usually blood banks check your hemaglobin to see if it is high enough for donation I thought ( Were you doing some sort of special donation?). Even if your lab was higher it is fortunate you did not donate because you went on to not feel well. Your blood did not get taken & then tossed, & you retained what you have to heal. If you have been donating every eight weeks like their recruiters want this simply may be too frequent for your system.

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It's been 3 days since my original post, I waited to be sure before I shouted!!!! But, I feel so much better, by adjusting, getting rid of a few, changing some supplements am to pm, I feel GREAT. I'LL to reply to all who took the time to read, give a suggestion, no one has to. Without a reply by you, I did, tried, changed times of taking some supplements from am to pm, its soooo helping. Im waiting for my most recent blood test to post, for help.

Clarita, thank you for your reply and taking a interest. This site helped, beyond your idea you had a part. Thks😊

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I am so sorry, the silly spell check changed your name!!

Clarrisa, thank you so much just for taking you time to stop and read my Post! It was your time, and thoughtful, thank you

I was to low for the station to accept, which gives me another indication of autoimmunity.

Last time, one point over, give next time. Improvement, tho** thks for reply🌸

I worked in a blood donation center & you would be surprised at the number of more frequent donors who do not pass the hemoglobin test. Vegetarians seemed to have the worst time passing it & menstrating donors. The donors could not all have autoimmunity problems! Blood Centers encourage donors who will donate to donate every 8 weeks because so many people will not consider blood donations. That & the donation pool is getting smaller as the older more regular donors age out. For many donors the donation frequency that is pushed is too much for their hemoglobin to rebound in 8 weeks. It is very admirable what you are doing, but I would not recommend putting other’s health before your own.

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I don't eat beef, pork, deer etc., which follows exactly what you said. They told me the same, wait till I level/balance myself till I donate again. Thank you, 4 the reply & help🌸

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Gardeniasmell, too much zinc can cause low copper which causes sideroplastic anemia, low white blood cells and high cholesterol. It happened to me. You really have to be careful with zinc supplements


That is supposed to be sideroblastic anemia, stupid spell check.

Spellchecker, lol this site has so many smart people, in 1 day 20 something, I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow, I've gotten great advice, thank you!🏖

I waited 3 days before I let u know it wasn't a fluke....i feel, GREAT!!!!

IF you hadn't taken a timeout of your day to sent me support, and you didn't have too. You, along with so many others gave ideas, proof, knowledge, I stopped some, changed, changed am to pm, what I was doing.

Kalicocat, you didn't need to, but that day u along with so many others helped me. I felt so awful, new to this, was trying to navigate/exhausted. You helped, thank you, 😊💐

HI G, I find NDT rough on the stomach too- it gives me reflux if I take it on an empty stomach without food. It gets worse the longer I persist, although I never got to being doubled up. I discovered chewing the cap in conjunction with eating a banana or really anything fixed it. Dont worry too much about the no food thing it's more of a Levo problem.

James .

How long do you normally wait? I've just learned/begun I was adding supplements, some a no-no, some in pm instead. Thank u, just knowing stomach ache is a sign also w others......🐞 have a beautiful day!

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