Armour via Naturopath?

Hi there, I am a UK citizen currently living in the US, however I'm shortly moving back to the UK. I take Armour Thyroid and since I have hashi's, have always suppressed my tsh, which results in me feeling better. I'm concerned when I move back that a)I won't be able to get Armour from a regular doc and b) they will freak out at my low tsh thinking I have hyperthyroidism, which of course I don't (I have regular tests and work with a doc over here). So, does anyone know if a naturopathic doctor can prescribe armour? I'm worried because thyroid info with docs over here is pretty bad but even worse in the UK from what I'm learning. I'll be living in Suffolk, UK. TIA!

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  • This may not work, but consider asking the doctor with whom you work to write you prescriptions then buy your Armour from the US or off the Internet. The hardest part is getting the prescription, there are many sources on the internet to buy Armour, but they want a prescription.

  • Thank you for the suggestion! 🙂

  • Another possibility is to visit the local chemists and ask which surgeries have Armour Thyroid dispensed there, then if possible register at that surgery?? I know others have used this method. I also once saw a list on another site of Drs surgeries and what they prescribed thyroid wise, it listed NDT and T3, it was for the uk.

  • Thank you for this info! :)

  • Lindy25, Naturopaths are not licensed to prescribe POMs in the UK, therefore only a medical doctor can prescribe Armour. However, as desiccated thyroid products are not licensed medicines here, it's very difficult (although not entirely impossible) to get them prescribed via the NHS.

  • Wow I am shocked and saddened. It seems like the UK is far behind here and I don't think it's that progressive here! :(

  • It's not. If I ever lost my Armour prescribing, not-so-great-in-other-ways, doctor I am going to put a large ad in a national newspaper for a doc, any doc, even if s/he does toe-nail fungus who will just prescribe me NDT Armour!

  • I already have the same doc over here! I have done presentations to him about both his patients and his girlfriend following a gluten free diet as they have hashi's like me and he still hasn't bought into it after I've been going to him for 10 years!!

  • Hi,

    You might find it a challenge getting Armour on prescription here in the UK, I certainly have. Your best option might be to buy online and I know of one USA site you might be able to get without a prescription even though it states you need one. Please PM if you want the details.

    TT x

  • Thank you! I pm'd you :)

  • Hi can you PM me as well with the USA site. Thanks

  • In the UK, naturopaths can't prescribe any prescription only medication unless they are also GPs or mainstream consultants.

  • Thank you for this info :)

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