Iron supplements issues

Been taking hemaplex iron as I read someone on here rave about the results obtained within 2 months. My issue is I keep waking in the night with stomach pain. I am taking 1000 vitamin c but it's still bunging me up so to speak. Wondering whether to increase the C further still? My Ferritin is only 22 and I'm feeling tired still in 2 grains of armour. Thanks in advance.

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For how long has your ferritin been so low? And is your GP saying "It's within normal range, no problem?"

The sleep disturbance may well be connected to your iron depletion.

I had it tested last year for the first time and normal supplementation hasn't improved matters. It's 22 and yes gp days it's ok. Yeah right. I eat red meat at least twice a week

My brian is addled. I forgot to ask what dose of iron you are taking. Your GP is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Is the best site I've found on iron.

It's 85mg which is 472% rda. I'm obviously completely ignoring the idiot endo. πŸ˜€

Well then, it has to be malabsorption. Logically. Maybe you could drink the endo's blood at the next appt?

Failing that, in your position I'd start some private tests.

Hahahahaha. That made me howl. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Œ

Aspmama, :-D Endo's blood is ice water...or acid.

I've started something now........πŸ˜€

Anemias are "anemia is diagnosed in 20-60% patients with hypothyroidism. Real values of the degree of anemia are estimated by radioisotopic analysis due to the lower volume of plasma in hypothyroidism causing false high levels of hemoglobin in blood. " from a Croatian research piece. So that's another thing the GPs will be missing on the normal blood tests then.

I used this for a while. No tummy problem as it is a spray :D

Not sure if it is enough iron for all but I liked it. It tastes a bit like rusty nails. The spray bottle worked perfect. Other vitamins I ordered the bottles did not work as the solution got stuck. They compensated them after checking out what was wrong. But iron worked just perfect.

Well 22 is ludicrously low. You need to get up to 80. Ferrochel might be worth a go, look at Solgar. But my instinct is that maybe there's an underlying problem - celiac? ever had a test? Very cheap on line. H pylori - ever tested for that? If you tell your GP you have reflux s/he should agree to order an h pylori stool test. I read - and you can easily check with a bit of Google fishing - that 35 per cent of those with Hashi's also have autoimmune gastritis (AIG) - which can lead to low iron. It can also lead to low B12, and to pernicious anemia, but we're all mainlining supplements these days so my guess is those symptoms could be well disguised and it might just show as a malabsorption problem. Have a look on Google at that condition too and see what you think. I'm about to test privately for AIG and I think once you've discounted the first two you might think about that.

Do you drink loads of milk? Because that can reduce iron absorption.

Have you tried gluten free (after a celiac test)?

Any chance you are lactose intolerant?

There's something going on. Very heavy periods could do it. But malabsorption could too.

Did the whole gluten free thing for the last 4 months. Still don't eat wheat but gave been eating normal porridge oats instead of gluten free as the gluten free taste dreadful. It's gone again now. I'll stick with the hemaplex for now as I bought 2 packs. I've upped my vit c to 1500mcg and it seems to have helped plus ive increased my armour by 1/4 grain as I feel tired. I hope the iron kicks in soon. Lord knows I eat enough red meat! More than most women I know

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