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private blood test results

private blood test results

So, after some great advice here I did the Bluehorizon Thyroid plus 11 test.

Results are as follows - (I will be supplementing with Vit D and B12 now), what do you think?

hs-CRP 1.65

Ferritin 120.0

TSH 0.59

T4 Total 131.0

Free T4 18.50

Free T3 5.19

Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs 173.0

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs 16

Vitamin D (25 OH) 44

Vitamin B12 241

Serum Folate 31.10



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Could you put the ranges in, these are required for people to reply OK?

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Sorry, just added


We need the Thyroid ones as well as they differ from lab to lab so without them we should just be guessing.


Sorry, I don’t know what you mean - all results/ranges are above


Thanks if you re post you should get more answers. Your vitamin D is quite low do you take a supplement for it?


Sorry as on phone just looked at the Ines who had typed in and there weren't any thyroid ones! Now I've had a sleep will look at the others.

FT4 slightly down but raising D to an optimal level will probably right that


Thanks, will now be supplementing with D and B12.

My concern initially was that I wasn't converting x


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