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private blood test results


So, after some great advice here I did the Bluehorizon Thyroid plus 11 test.

Results are as follows - (I will be supplementing with Vit D and B12 now), what do you think?

hs-CRP 1.65

Ferritin 120.0

TSH 0.59

T4 Total 131.0

Free T4 18.50

Free T3 5.19

Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs 173.0

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs 16

Vitamin D (25 OH) 44

Vitamin B12 241

Serum Folate 31.10



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Could you put the ranges in, these are required for people to reply OK?

goonervic in reply to Bunnyjean

Sorry, just added

We need the Thyroid ones as well as they differ from lab to lab so without them we should just be guessing.

goonervic in reply to silverfox7

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean - all results/ranges are above

Thanks if you re post you should get more answers. Your vitamin D is quite low do you take a supplement for it?

Sorry as on phone just looked at the Ines who had typed in and there weren't any thyroid ones! Now I've had a sleep will look at the others.

FT4 slightly down but raising D to an optimal level will probably right that

Thanks, will now be supplementing with D and B12.

My concern initially was that I wasn't converting x

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