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Recent Blood Test



Finally Symptoms free, i've diagnosed with hypo from 5 months without no reason, Now i'm on 100mcg euthyrox and i feel well , last month i was a little bit hypo and elevated parathyroid hormone and calcium , i was on 75mcg euthyrox.

this is blood test from a month ago

i don't think i'v a hyperparathyroidism and i think i've a gilbert syndrome

anyway this is my recent blood test any advice ?

TSH 0.23 uIU/ml (0.3 - 4.8)

Free T3 4.0 pg/ml (2.1 - 4.4)

Free T4 1.6ng/dL (0.7 - 2)

Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) 23.0 pg/mL (14 - 72)

Serum Calcium 10.3 mg/dL (8.5 -10.2)

also i've did AST,ALT,Bilirubin (Total) & (Direct)

& Bilirubin (Indirect) & Alk. phosphatase

ALT(SGPT) 10 U/L (7 - 40)

AST(SGOT) 9 U/L (0 - 34)

Alkaline Phosphatase 68 U/L (46 -116)

Bilirubin (Total) 2.50 mg/dL (0.3 - 1.2)

Bilirubin (Direct) 1.20 mg/dl (0 - 0.3)

Bilirubin (Indirect) 1.30 mg/dl (0-0.9)

also i've did Kidney Function test

Serum Creatinine 0.80mg/dL (0.7 - 1.3)

Serum Urea 19mg/dL (19 - 49)

also CBC Attached.


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If you're symptom free then you're optimally dosed on 100mcg Euthyrox. TSH 0.23 is low, FT4 and FT3 are towards the top of range so thyroid levels are good.

Calcium is still over range but parathyroid hormone is low so hyperparathyroidism seems unlikely. High calcium is not normal and needs investigation.

Liver and kidney function tests look fine.

Low haematocrit

The rest of the FBC looks fine.


Thank you for reply.

i feel well on 100mcg euthyrox , but there is question as i've read that lifting weights deplete T3 fast so should i add T3 when starting lifting weights ? , or start lifting weights first and see if FT3 become in lower range ?

about Calcium i really don't know but my doctor say that it's normal the last month is also was 10.3 so i don't know the reason or if it's normal , i think it's normal because kidney function is well also i'v did Urine Analysis and was good and no stones , so what you think ?

What about Bilirubin ? , i doubt about gilbert syndrome so i think to do blood test again without fasting , after 2 hours from meal



Why not see how you feel when you start lifting? If recovery takes a long time it may be that you're using up T3 and might benefit from taking some T3 on the days you lift.

Bilirubin is normal.

Calcium is over range so it's NOT normal.


i didn't start lifting yet but from 15 days ago i moved some heavy furniture at home and it took +4 days to recovery so what about to add some T3 and start lifting weights ?

i will ask my doctor again about calcium to see what should i do.



Your results don't indicate a need for T3. You should pace your exercise and not overdo it. If, once you are lifting regularly, you feel you need some T3 then try it.


Thank you for reply.

i will retest T3 , T4 , FT3 ,FT4 after starting exercise to see if i need T3 or not.

Are you supplementing Vitamin D? If so, you should stop for now as your body will just try and deactivate the Vit D anyway to stop you absorbing more calcium and you'll be making your calcium levels higher - which is very dangerous. Are you taking calcium supplements?

Okay, I've had a look through all your posts and unfortunately, I'm going to have to be blunt as it seems the most likeliest explanation is that everything that has or is going wrong with you, including your thyroid, could just as easily be caused by yourself. If so, I am concerned that if you don't stop soon, you will cause permanent damage that cannot be reversed.

It was good that you decided to become more active and sort your diet out but you've gone too far in my opinion.

You were on incredibly low calories and high exercise when your thyroid started to show problems. For a moderately active person of your age, your calorie intake would need to be 2800 calories to maintain health. This is for a moderately active person, so you would have needed even more. This will cause your body to react by attempting to slow your body down by slowing your thyroid down and stop conversion in order to protect you from the consequences of this so this was to be expected - you are now trying to use thyroid meds to keep your levels optimal which will be stopping your body doing what it needed to do. This is likely why you became hypo!

Additionally, in cases of sustained calorie deficit, when you don'y have enough energy from your food to keep you going, your body will switch to depleting glucose stores and then your adrenals will kick in and will raise cortisol as the only way to remain active - this is possibly why you cannot sleep and feel anxious all the time. I expect your blood sugars and cortisol are all over the place or adrenals completely crashed all together. THis will also mess your thyroid results.

Add to this, you've been taking a huge amount of supplements and vitamins with no knowledge of whether you were deficient in the first place and not taking into account what was already in your diet which is very dangerous. You should never supplement unless you know you need to. Some examples:

You were supplementing iodine throughout this time at rda not taking into account you would have been getting more from your diet and even the fish oil. Too much iodine will cause thyroid issues just as iodine deficiency will.

You have focused your diet on carbs and 60% protein and healthy fats. What about fibre - fruit and veg and antioxidents etc? On top of this you've been taking fish oil on top and so much other stuff. You asked about whether High Vitamin A can cause thyroid problems - no it can't, but it can damage your liver and increase calcium absorption. High Vitamin A is very dangerous and yours might be too high! You've already had liver tests showing sporadic indications of damage. What about too much protein?

In regards to your liver results and your believe that you have gilbert's syndrome, as mentioned some of things you have been doing can cause such liver damage. However, high Bilirubin, ALT and AST can also all be raised simply because of over strenuous exercise that your body can't cope with (especially when not the calories to do so) and muscle damage too.

In regards to your calcium, this is the most regulated substance in the body and is so important to keep balanced that it is the only one to have it's very own thermostat - the parathyroids. Your high calcium probably started with taking too much VIt D which is dangerous as vitamin D increases your absorption of calcium. Add to that possible high levels of vitamin A and fish oil which will also increase calcium absorption. To counteract this and keep your calcium level stable, your body will respond by deactivating the Vit D in your system so you can no longer absorb calcium but you have continued with Vit D supplements stopping your body from protecting you. The less than optimal vit D test result is likely because your body has desperately tried to deactivate it as you add it.

Do you have an albumin result - this affects how you should read your calcium result so your adjusted calcium could even be higher than this? You need to stop vit D and anything else that might affect it for your calcium to lower to mid range. high calcium can have terrible consequences and in the long run can even damage your heart so you don't want this.

These are just a few examples and it's so much more complicated than this with various other possibilities. Maybe I'm mistaken and others will disagree but timewise it all fits with when you starting experiencing thyroid and other problems and when you started heavy exercise and low calories so it would be such a shame for you to end up with something permanent from doing things the wrong way which then has a knock on affect on all you systems causing complications/damage. I think you should give your body a rest and level down to more moderate or gentle exercise, stop the supplements, try and stop obsessing about the amounts of everything and just eat a healthy balanced diet without too much thought and see where you're at in a few months with it all. you could maybe even return your thyroid function back to normal and stop the meds maybe?

If you really can't do this, then at least try a website called cronometer, here you can add all your foods you eat every day and it will calculate how much of everything your getting including micro nutrients and calories. There is food database and if you always use the USDA options when picking your food options, it will normally include all the micros. The good thing about this site is that you can also add all of your supplements and exercise and it will highlight any vitamin/mineral etc that is too much, not enough or even calorie deficits. It takes a day or so to get you used to it but then it's quicker to use as can copy over other days.

Anyway, like I said, there could be something else up but these issues are well worth some thought maybe?


Firstly i want to thank you for spending time reading my last posts and taking care about my condition , i really appreciate it!

Yes, in the past i was on low calorie diet but didn't even do any exercise and i didn't feel any Hypothyroidism Symptoms , after i realized that my nutritionist don't know anything about nutrition i started to modify my diet and going to workout, so my goal was to drop my bodyfat from 20% to 10% and gaining muscles in same time because my nutritionist make me lose muscles due to poor diet, so firstly everyone is different so if you have two people They are 18 years old, the first one 100 Kilo and the second 80 Kilo do you think that calories will be the same for each one !? , Everyone needs a specific number of calories and is calculated around the body fat and weight also NEAT , so not everyone is the same that's not mean everyone is 18 years old need 2800 calorie per day! .

After I left the nutritionist I calculated the number of calories I would need and was 1600-1700 calories

, I divided them into proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats, of course I calculated the fibers and were 15-30g per day also make sure my diet contain antioxidants and vegetables , you know after 4 months with poor diet i was need a good multivitamins to compensate for what was lost during poor diet especially that my nutritionist told me to cut salt from meals! , so used Opti-Men Multivitamin.

so after consumed my macros i started workout , i was workout 4 days per week.

yes the exercises were intense but most of them depended on gaining strength , i gained strength very well.

during this period i used creatine mono-hydrate , beta-alanine , fish oil and whey protein also some pre-workout containing caffeine.

i really don't know about any research say that any of this is bad on health , creatine exist in beef meat , beta-alanine is amino acid , and guess what whey protein is the same protein in meat and milk : )

about my calcium level i think it's from vitamin D i already stopped taking vitamin D from 2 Months.

AST , ALT It is not necessary to express the health of the liver , you can find someone with cirrhosis and AST , ALT is in normal range.

High Bilirubin related to many issues i already stopped taking any supplement from 5 Months just a multivitamin with low range of vitamins and minerals.

When i fast for 8 hours my body skin become yellow when i start to eat my skin become normal , anyway i will do Bilirubin again after 2 hours from eat.

Hmmm, ok i have a question let's say it's from heavy training , logically if my body need to slow down the metabolism my TSH will drop , so why my body keep making TSH rising after stopped workout ? , logically if that's from heavy training my body should drop TSH level to slow down the metabolism not rising it.

again i really appreciate your time to read my all posts, thank you.

Hi apologies, I have not been online this evening and am now going to bed but I will be online tomorrow eve and discuss it a little more :-)

Food for thought in the meantime - The 2800 calories I mentioned was for a male your age not doing intensive exercise. The calories required for a seven year old boy who is moderately active is 1600 calories.

Clutter I will be grateful to discuss about Saggyuk reply.



No. If you want to discuss it do so with SaggyUK. SaggyUK is far more knowledgeable than I about dieting, nutrition etc.


Thanks for reply.

i mean about SaggyUK said that heavy training lead me to be Hypo and i said that if heavy training lead me to be hypo why TSH is still rise after i stopped training !



If you want to query SaggyUK's opinion you must take it up with her. I know very little about dieting and high intensity exercise and the effects it has on the body.

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