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Do I need different supplements

Or increase what I take

Thank you

25 hydroxy vitamin D2 2.3

25 hydroxy vitamin D3 28.0

Total 25 OH vitamin D 30.3

(<25 severe

25 - 50 deficiency

50 - 75 suboptimal

>75 adequate)

Folate 4.1 (4.6 - 18.7)

Vitamin B12 205 (180 - 900)

3x ferrous fumarate since 2013

5mg folic acid since 2015

Vitamin B12 since 2016

800iu D3 since 2013

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Please edit your post by clicking on the v down arrow underneath it and clicking on Edit and say what supplements and dose you are taking and how long you've been supplementing.


Done thank you


What have you done about your low ferritin levels, did you get an iron panel done? What supplements are you taking and how long have you been taking them for?

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Iron panel below

7.2 (6 - 26)

Transferrin saturation 13 (12 - 45)


Has your doctor given you supplements? I think your doctor needs to rule out pernicious anaemia, have you had intrinsic factor antibody tested? Your B12 is still very low.

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Not for iron no, it was stopped in 2016 and my levels have dropped since then


See my edit above about getting pernicious anaemia ruled out but you also need to have your iron supplements restored if no longer taking them.

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I was negative for intrinsic factor but haven't had MMA or homocysteine checked to completely rule it out

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Ask your GP to do a tissue transglutaminase test to rule out coeliac disease as a cause of malabsorption.

GP should refer you to a haematologist for an iron infusion as you are not responding to iron tablets and folic acid.

If you have symptoms of B12 deficiency in your GP should investigate pernicious anaemia which can cause B12 deficiency. Go to for advice on how to approach your GP as they are the experts on PA and B12 and folate deficiency.

GP has not been treating vitD properly. 800iu is a maintenance dose to be prescribed when vitd is >75. Your GP should refer to local guidelines or the My GP prescribed 40,000iu daily x 14 followed by 2,000iu daily x 8 weeks which raised vitD from <10 to 107. Vitamin D should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

Alternatively, buy your own D3 softgel capsules and supplement 10,000iu daily x 6 weeks then reduce to 5,000iu for 6 weeks and then 5,000iu alternate days and retest late April. If you buy on Amazon please use the affiliate link


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