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Vitamin D supplements advice please

Do I need to supplement vitamin D? GP says my vitamin D is not exactly low.

Thank you

25-hydroxy vitamin D2 - <6.0

25-hydroxy vitamin D3 - 41.5

Total 25 OH vitamin D - 41.5

(<25 severe vitamin D deficiency

25 - 50 vitamin D deficiency

50 - 75 vitamin D suboptimal

>75 adequate)

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I'm assuming the units of measurement are nmol/L.

Yes you need to supplement vitamin D. Most of us feel best with a level around 100, although some people go as high as 150. There are always exceptions though, and some people don't tolerate vitamin D supplements and have to rely on sunshine and/or special lamps.

Vitamin D supplements are easily obtained from supplements sites and from Amazon.

You should buy 5000 iU supplements and take one a day with your fattiest meal of the day. It is possible to take too much vitamin D and toxicity can develop, so re-test in 4 months - 6 months. This can be done privately with a blood spot/finger-prick test :


Vitamin D supplementation raises absorption of calcium from the diet. You want that extra calcium to go into your bones and teeth rather than into the veins and arteries and soft tissues. To help achieve that you would need to take vitamin K2. It is possible to find combined vitamin D and vitamin K2 supplements if this appeals to you.

Another thing you need to take to benefit from the vitamin D is to take magnesium supplements. There are loads of different kinds. Choose the one that appeals to you most :





Hi Humanbean can you recommend a good Vit D supplement that contains K2?


I don't take a combined supplement but I think SeasideSusie does. She's posted just below.

I intend to buy a combined supplement next time I need to stock up. The sheer number of supplements I take is depressing, so if I can knock it down by one then I will. Quite recently my husband saw me taking them and he went and got a spoon out of the cutlery drawer and suggested I add milk and take them all with that!


Thanks Humanbean :) that's the reason I want a combined ones as I'm starting to rattle too


I also take so many supplements its scary.


Lindsayf As HumanBean says, I take a D3/K2 combo. It wasn't easy finding a decent one, they're not cheap because K2 isn't cheap, and they don't tend to come in the high doses that solo Vit D comes in. The one I use has 2000iu D3 which is a good maintenance dose, you could of course take more than one capsule. Also, it has no unnecessary fillers like tablets have.

This is the one I use:


I specifically like the fact that it has Vit A as well, I have a lung disease and Vit A is supposed to help and it is listed as a co-factor on the Vit D Council website vitamindcouncil.org/about-v...

I haven't tried this one but it looks as good:


Don't worry about Natto from Soy, it is fermented soy and we can have that, we have to avoid all forms of unfermented soy.

A couple of other good ones but drops rather than capsules, just use the number of drops needed for the dose you require




Lovely thanks... I'll have a little read of them


Donna31 I do worry about these doctors sometimes. Your Vit D level is 41.5. It clearly states that 25-50 is deficient. I wonder which bit of "is deficient" that your GP doesn't understand. How on earth do these idiots qualify, and what's more worrying is that we put our health in their hands 😥

HumanBean has covered it nicely with her reply. If you want a recommendation for supplements just yell :)


Hi SeasideSusie what is a good Vit D supplement with K2 already in it?


The GP likely thinks vitamin D deficiency is a fad.

Then when the OP turns up with severe deficiency symptoms in 6-12 months time they will lie and say they told the OP to buy their own supplements as per the Chief Medical Officer of appropriate UK country advice.

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This one is good and reasonably priced:


Also try to get some sun on your skin between 10am and 3pm.


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