Do you buy through Amazon? Then please read this!

Thyroid UK, the charity that runs this forum, is always in need of funds in order to keep doing what they do. One way that you can help to contribute is to use their affiliate link every time you buy something through Amazon.

Remember, using Thyroid UK’s affiliate link does not cost you anything at all. The only people to benefit if you do not use an affiliate link when buying through Amazon, is Amazon themselves because they get to keep the extra that could have gone to Thyroid UK.

There are several ways to do it:

1) Click the link below which will take you to the Amazon homepage.

Immediately save the link to your ‘favourites / bookmarks’.

Every time you want to browse or shop on Amazon, remember to go there directly from your favourites link.

2) Go to the Thyroid UK website and use the Amazon Search Box that is in the lefthand column of every page under the pink menu.

3) If you regularly sign in here to this forum, you can simply click the link from here when you want to go to Amazon.

4) Use the Amazon search box on this page of the man TUK website

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Thanks for reminding me will be ordering a new mobile soon as mine as packed up. Used it recently when ordering my b12, only gave ThyroidUK pennies but If we all did it when buying this it all adds up.

Absolutely! Every penny counts :)

I was a little confused as to how the links would work and looked at the Thyroid UK web site, and was going to sign up to Easy Fundraising, had filled in details and had not pressed the go button before I trotted through to read Terms and conditions. Well, we all know how long they can be, but they went on and on and there was other pages as well like the cookies and 3 other pages of various pages to read. There was too much to take in so I did not continue with my sign up. The one bit I can remember was that a reminder bar would be downloaded to your computer, which for some might be useful. I will stick with the links given by RedApple.....thank you

I've just clicked the link and saved the new page, will always use that from now on, I buy a fair amount off there, so pleased to help this wonderful site x

Just to be clear, it is Thyroid UK that is the charity and benefits from the affiliate link. This site is run by the Health Unlocked people.

Thyroid UK's own wonderful web site is here:


I use Amazon but don't know how to save the link :) any tips

Are you able to tell us which browser you use? If you can give that information, someone may be able to help :)

Thanks RedApple, it's Safari

That's sorted. Like others save the link in my bookmarks so will use always.

I've learned so much for this website and forum.

Thanks to everyone

Thanks redapple

Thanks for the reminder...too late this time but will use it next time.


I shop on amazon all the time. Will definitely use the link and will have my husband use it as well! Just going on now to place an order...

Feel guilty that I have made several recent purchases from Amazon, mainly vitamins, and just yesterday nieces birthday present and haven't used this link, but have saved in bookmarks now. Thank you.

I think I got it right...went via link box on homepage

I use amazon a lot so have saved to favourites... X

Thanks :)

Good idea, my expat website also does that. Have you approached Holland Barrett with same idea, I and many other expats here in France have to order online from them. I already promote HU on expat site and would do again about a H&B link for you.

As far as I'm aware, H&B do not have an affiliate system. However Thyroid UK does connect with two other online supplement suppliers to offer discounts to members. Here are the links:

Your Nutrition Shop

and Cytoplan

Thanks red apple, just looked at first link and will certainly use the card company for those special birthday greeting to my UK friends. Now off to check out other link.

Is it worth asking all here, which they think is or seems to be the online supplier with the 'most effective' supplements. I have only ever bought from H&B in UK and online, and price wasn't always the main factor for me, although I appreciate it has to be for some. I found their products worked and have taken their ABC plus Senior Multivits £ Minerals for years, although under present circumstances know I need to start looking at specific ones to help out.

I think everyone has their own preference when it comes to supplements. Just as they do with prescription medications. There is no 'one size fits all'. I've found YNS useful because they carry a range of different manufacturers products so there is plenty of choice and their service is good too.

That said, I also buy quite frequently from what has become an extremely large and successful US based company that supplies to many European countries. Their prices are excellent, their range of products amazing. Being on the other side of the pond does mean shipping times do need to be taken in to account though. (I don't want to appear to be advertising, so haven't named them, but do send me a PM if you want more info. I've no connection, just a very satisfied customer)

Can you send me the link to please

Could you send me the info. As well. I jump around but it would be nice to get them all from one reliable place.

Does Amazon allow us here in the states to contribute to HU as well. Thank you much.

Healthspan are good for vits etc and i think are or were based in Channel Islands.They do post across Europe Not aware of  any affiliation with charitys .

Another way would be to set the page as your homepage! But maybe nobody needs reminding of their troubles that much... ;)

I'll make a note of that because I want to buy a PS4 soon. (I'm a gamer)

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