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Please help with private blood results for Hashimotos

Hi everyone, firstly I'm so glad to have found this website..there is so much helpful advice and it's very non judgemental too so thank you, and il and try and keep this as short as I can...

I was diagnosed with M.E. /CFS and fibromyalgia 12 years ago after falling ill with H pylori.

My maternal grandmother, my aunt and my mum all had Underactive Thyroids and other autoimmune disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis..

Whe I first got ill I lost nearly two stone in eight weeks and suffered from panic attacks and anxiety and lots of trips to A&E frightened to death wondering what was wrong with me.. since then I have put that back on plus another two stone and feel absolutely dreadful and not getting anywhere and making any improvements with my health. ..anyhow I've tried all sorts over the years and I've told my GP it's my thryoid, I'm just like how my mum was (she died aged 61 lung cancer so it's hard not being to ask her advice) but my thyroid bloodwork panel still comes back normal every time it's been tested (3 times).

Sooo got a recommendation from a friend who had seen a private GP who specialises in thyroid and has helped her and her daughter and they are doing great so I saw nine ans he was very thorough, and based on my strong family History and symptoms plus knowing that I'm having low results in relating bloods he order a full panel plus the antibodies tests. He said he would treat me regardless of results based on what I've told him as he says GPs need to listen to their patients more based on how they feel and family history too!

I got the results and in respect of the Thyroid panel it's a difference language to me and I don't understand it at all! He says that I have hashimotos based on everything plus underactive thyroid, my levels need to optional and my TSH is too high? I've had low ferritin for years and my doc keeps giving me ferrous sulphate which I hate and because i now have fibroids its worse so i was expecting a bad result and he's giving me an iron jab which my gp wouldn't so I'm happy about that. I'm always gong to have B12 jabs again because I take PPIs for tummy acid and it reduces your levels plus I'm gong to get my Vit D up and folate and I know they all have to be optimal levels.

I started on the 50mg Levothyroxine 3 days ago and he will monitor me and gradually increase. Day 3 and I feel like I've been hit by a bus and I'm in agony!

The question is, I'm desperate..but am I stupid? I never accepted the M.E. diagnosed and just knew I was being affected by my Thyroid..I get obsessed that I need a simple negative/positive blood result to prove whats wrong because I've lived without one for 12 years ! Have I got a savvy switched on private GO who has listened and says he wants to help (he is lovely) it is he being irresponsible treating me based in these results! Sorry for long post im so tired of being ill and have a gallbalddder problem and large ovarian tumour (Benign) to deal with too and I'm so fed up.

my blood results are the following..

Active B12 177 (reference range 25.1-165.0)

Folate 2.3 >2.9

Ferritin 8 (reference range 13-150)

T4 91 (reference 59-154)

TSH 3.76 (reference 0.27-4.2)

Free Thyroxine 12.8 (reference 12.0-22.0)

Free T3 4.6 (reference 3.1-6.8)

Thyroid antibodies

Thyroglobulin Antibody

<10 IU/ml 0-115

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

10.8 IU/ml 0-34

Thanks so much for reading all this!

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Antibodies are negative so you do not have Hashimotos

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Thanks for the helpful (blunt) reply!


Hi Myonlysunshine,

Welcome to this great forum. 😊. I'm sorry you are having such an awful time at the moment with your health.

You have come to the right place and will get loads of help from more learned members than me.

Hang in there,

J, 🍀👍

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You are hypo, with a TSH over 3, although most doctors would not recognise it as such. However, your Frees are both very low, and need to be higher.

One negative antibody test proves nothing. Antibodies fluctuate, so you need at least 3 negative tests, and even then, not all Hashi's people develop high antibodies, and are diagnosed by ultra-sound. So, you definitely can't rule it out at this stage. Plus, the progression of your illness sounds like Hashi's, so why not just assume it is. With Hashi's, you need to keep your TSH suppressed - the less gland stimulation there is, the less immune stimulation. Going 100% gluten free can also help. And taking selenium is known to reduce antibodies, and help with conversion - although, at the moment, your conversion is good.

You know you have low iron and are dealing with it, which is good. Your B12 if good, but your folate is low. I would suggest supplementing with 400 mcg methylfolate.

How about your vit D3? Have you had that tested? That could also be low, and causing symptoms.


Hi grey goose! Thanks for the reply..one thing I've picked up on so far is the thyroid isn't straight forward to diagnose or treat lol! I'm booked in with my normal go to discuss B12 jabs again and my son getting tested too (I've had losing doses in past and did inject myself too for a while) ..My last Vit D result was 47 a few months ago..I currently take VIt D3 5,000iu every few days and Vit K2 with it too..I've ordered some new supplements online including a new VitD 3 maintenance dose of 2,000iu ti take daily, magnesium citrate which I've read is better than the sulphate I have and also ordered selenium and zinc too..and a good vitamin c. I was going to leave about a week between starting each one is that long enough? I will take notes of effectiveness etc. Thanks so much for your advice, it's all rather confusing and with having brain fog it makes it that bit harder! X


We all get round to it, in the end. Your vit d was very low. I'm not sure that you've been taking enough to bring it up. It might be a good idea to get it retested, soon.

I would leave 10 days to two weeks between starting each supplement.


Thanks Greygoose, il ask about retesting it then, thanks for the supplement advice too..x


You're welcome. :)


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