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Private blood test help needed

Hello everyone,

As a result of my doctor seeming unwilling to take all my symptoms (dry hair falling out, pounding heart, tiredness, heat sensitivity, swollen neck, light periods, brain fog/confusion, diarrhoea) as a whole, I had an ECG (results not back yet) for the racing heart and have been referred to the dermatologist for my hair (dr says he doesn't think this will bring up anything... Grr. But I'm going to go anyway). All my other symptoms he kept inferring that he thought it was an disuse like anxiety or depression (it's not, but he doesn't seem to believe me).

My most recent blood tests have all come back normal (I forgot to ask for them printed off as I was so annoyed and frustrated that he had fobbed me off)

My last ones before that were from early September and were TSH 3.1 (0.27-4.20) and free t4 13.1 (12-22).

So now I'm at the point where I'm probably going to do a full thyroid panel privately, if only to rule it out as a possibility. Do you think, based on my symptoms and blood results that this would be a helpful thing to do?

Anyone who has had one done before... Did your gp take the blood? How much did it cost? Which labs did you use? Any information would be helpful.

Thanks! Kate

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I think, based on your symptoms and FT4 result that you are hypo. Ask your doctor for a trial of 50mcg thyroxine. Your FT4 is bottom of the range.

For explanation of how ranges are worked out, see this thread I started. The same algorithm for working out the range applies to FT4. It has nothing to do with where in the range patients start to become symptomatic, just a range that is worked out to cover 95% of the population. You are symptomatic.

While you are there, as your doctor to test your FT3 and thyroid antibodies, along with iron, folate, ferritin, VitD and Vit B12. Tell him you are determined to find out what is the cause of your symptoms.

(Rhetorical question coming up. Why does he prefer to pay to refer you to a dermatologist, pay to perform an ECG rather than prescribing a trial of a medication that is cheap as chips.)


It sounds so silly but I'm scared to ask him for a trial! I've raised the point several times that I think it could be a thyroid problem but he just says no, your tests are normal. Looking at my symptoms he mentioned (not seriously, but if I had other symptoms present or was older) dementia and syphillis! And also insinuated many many times that it was anxiety/depression/stress/in my head. Like I said I moved house recently so I'll be trying another doctor and will ask them. Thanks!


Did you know that doctors will soon be paid £55 to diagnose you with dementia? It's true. They get paid nothing extra for treating your thyroid.

What are you afraid of? 50mcg is a low dose and it might just improve your symptoms. I'd go for it. Actually I did, but I totally lost it with my doctor to get it. He prescribed to shut me up and get me out of his room. That was depression. I was hysterical. Caused by low thyroid and adrenal hormones.


I just hate it being implied that im an anxious and stressed out hypochondriac! I will try though, thanks for you suggestion.


Katie, it's really only going to be useful for your own information unless your GP accepts and acts on the results.

You can order private tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via

They may supply home finger prick test kits. If a venous blood draw is required you can ask your GP nurse if you can pay for a blood draw or see whether your hospital phlebotomy will do it for a fee.


Kate, call your GP office and ask them for the results of your most recent tests so you can make a comparison. Did you have them done less than two months apart? You said early September. Was there a reason for them being so close? Unless they have improved and I doubt they have, your numbers are not good. You are needing a higher T4 level and heaven only knows how low your active FT3 level may be. This article comparing adrenal and thyroid issues might help you decide what to do next.


Hmm I can't remember why they were so close actually. I think I may have gone in to talk about some blood test results and had a different doctor who then took my blood again but did more tests on it (I'm told everyhting's normal but I need to get a printout of it)

Thanks for the article


Fifteen years ago, I just didn't want to find out what was wrong with me and delayed treatment myself. I still have painful muscles and low back pain with little fibrous spots called "back mice" that cause nerve pain. I also was on Synthroid for six years. Now I'm on T3. My point is that delaying treatment plus poor treatment may have lasting results and that's why I am so vocal on this forum hoping people will try to prevent this from happening to themselves. This condition changed my life.

Katie, listen to your symptoms and insist your doctor does as well. Is everyone who comes into his office pretending to be ill????? I think not. I would tell him to do his job and diagnose. In YOUR sweet way, try to do the same.


find a new doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is worthless.


I would agree there's little point in having the tests if your GP will dismiss them. My last thyroid results were almost identical to yours (2.95 & 13.07) and my GP said he would not treat me until my TSH was 5.5 and even then he would repeat the test after 3 months before any treatment. I wasn't asking for medication but there was a preemptive push back! It's like GPs are expecting to be challenged on these blood results and they are dismissive and not willing to discuss. I've chosen to follow the recommendations for supplements that are widely made on various websites and with my gluten free diet I've seen excellent improvements to my well being in a relatively short period of time. Happy to share if you want to email me.


The NHS will refuse to treat conditions until they are severe to save money.

And to the poster saying change doctor - you can't change doctor unless you move house or put in a complaint. If you put in complaint other surgeries particularly those that are popular will refuse to take you on as a punishment.


By chance I actually moved house a couple of months ago. I naively was reluctant to tell my doctor as I wanted to get this sorted out and thought it would be better to stay with the same doctor. I'll try this now instead of getting private blood tests. Thanks for your replies everyone x


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